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Club Officers Jul to Dec 2016

By David | June 17, 2016

Elections were held on Jun 15 2016 These are for the term from July to December 2016 President Ilija Jurin CC Vice President Education Caroline Devenish-Meares Vice President Membership Eileen…

Speechcraft May 2016

By David | May 15, 2016

Saturday May 14 12 Victoria Quay members were joined by 7 Speechcrafters – Clare, Frank, John, Mary, Michelle, Phillipa and Paul. The Agenda was based on the successful model we…

Your Carbon Footprint

By David | April 24, 2016

We have a Climate Scientist in our club Andrew joined us last December, after he had completed a Speechcraft course with our team of trainers.  He is a climate scientist…

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Victoria Quay Awards 2015/16

By David | April 22, 2016

Club Awards for the TM Year July 2015 to June 2016 Victoria Quay recognises the achievements of many members. Most Toastmaster Clubs select only one member as the outstanding member…

Meal Meeting

By David | April 15, 2016

What’s a Meal Meeting? It’s the brainchild of Keith Hutchings.  He put it to President Dean and VP Education Peter a month ago and got the go ahead.  He was…

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DCP 10 Again

By David | February 24, 2016

What is DCP 10? Toastmaster Clubs are encouraged to aim for success in serving the needs of their members. The Distinguished Club Program (the DCP!) is the way Toastmasters International…

4 Dramatic Speeches at Victoria Quay

By David | February 16, 2016

Meeting 1052 – Wow! They were Dramatic Speeches!! They were personal! They revealed important information about themselves, closely related to the main subject matter of the speeches. They were all…

Video Speeches

By David | January 29, 2016

Video speeches can be powerful I gave a speech at Victoria Quay on Wed evening, Jan 27.  It dealt with the powerful impact that speeches now can have by using…

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Charter Celebration

By David | December 1, 2015

An our Meeting #1044 on Nov 25, 2015 Victoria Quay celebrated 20 years since our official beginning in Toastmasters.  We were chartered on Nov 27, 1995, though we first met…

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20 | VQ | 20

By David | November 1, 2015

Victoria Quay has two 20 Year Anniversaries this year Of course, very year is important. However we have two very important Anniversaries in 2015. The first is our very first…