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Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

We have a Climate Scientist in our club

Andrew joined us last December, after he had completed a Speechcraft course with our team of trainers.  He is a climate scientist and is passionate about spreading information about his specialist knowledge and persuading us to do what we can as individuals to reduce our personal and national carbon footprint.

That’s a lot of hot air

Andrew gave us this fascinating speech on Wed, April 20, 2016.  We weren’t surprised at the content of his speech.  We were fascinated by his skillful outline of the content.  Many members approached him at supper after the meeting.  They asked him for more information to try out his suggestions.  We didn’t video his speech – what a shame.  So we can’t show you the speech, but here is his summary.

Practical ways to reduce our Carbon Footprint

Tip # 1 Get a new luxurious shower head

You can get just the “Oxijet” fitting if you have a shower head you like or get both the Oxijet and the shower head. I bought both.

How does it work?

See an illustration and explanation


Watch a 2 min video

Tip # 2 Relax while your drive

Imagine you have a juicy orange under your accelerator
Gently squeeze the orange as your accelerate
Look ahead and anticipate the traffic to avoid unnecessary speeding up and slowing down.

Research has shown this can save you 20% of your fuel consumption.
That saves you $$s and saves the atmosphere extra carbon dioxide.

Tip # 3 Sign up to Natural Power

For the cost of a coffee each week you can have electricity from renewable energy such as wind and solar

Sign up at Synergy

Follow the Synergy energy saving tips and you can save even more

Thanks to Andrew for these tips.


David Nicholas

David Nicholas

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  1. Avatar for Peter Farras Peter Farras on May 1, 2016 at 5:01 pm

    Oh Deer! I don’t think a 30 second shower will save our planet… Do You?

    I’m (always) amazed how “environmentalists”, “scientists”, et al, *so conveniently* negate animal agriculture as the largest threat to the devastation of our planet (even more so than transport greenhouse emissions).

    What’s that all about?

  2. Avatar for David David on May 1, 2016 at 5:24 pm

    No Peter, a better shower head by itself wont save the planet. That’s obvious. But it can be part of a wide ranging set of responses.

    The warming atmosphere is a very big problem for the whole of humanity. It has potentially disastrous consequences for the whole of us. It needs a wide range of responses to attempt to mitigate the situation. I agree that animal agriculture is one of the major causes of our problems. People like yourself are working on it. Other people are working in other way.s. Sneering at environmentalists, scientists etc doesn’t help tackle the big problems we are all facing.

    I think we can all work for a common end which will be for the good of all – even those contributing so much to the problems


  3. Avatar for Peter Farras Peter Farras on May 5, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    If you reach for Rottnest, then *that* is all you will get.
    If you reach for The World, then *that* is an epiphany 🙂
    (One of the reasons I left VQ Toastmasters…)

    Best of luck David.

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