Getting help from experienced members

Use the Victoria Quay Mentor Program

It's normal to find your first experiences as a new member a bit confusing

You have two kinds of problems as a new member

  • At Victoria Quay we have certain standard procedures for our meeting which you have to learn
  • You want to work on your speaking skills and may want help for specific difficulties you are having

You will get help at every meeting

  • The Toastmaster will often explain why we do certain things - like the Table Topics section for example.
  • The evaluations given to you and other members will be a valuable source of help
  • You can discuss problems with other members during the supper session at the end of the meeting.

The Mentor Program is an addition to this

An experienced member is available to help you in any way you request.  S/he will answer your questions, offer advice when asked and guide you through your early experiences.  One day you will probably be asked to help as Mentor to a new member at the time.

How is the Mentor chosen?

After you have attended a few meetings and taken part, you will have started to get to know the current members.  You can ask one of them to be your Mentor.

You can ask the Vice President Education to suggest a member to act as your Mentor.  S/he knows the members very well and can suggest someone suitable.

Is it compulsory to have a Mentor?

No, it isn't.  This is a helpful service which the club and its members offers to new members.

What does the Mentor get out of helping another member?

There are three benefits to the Mentor

  • We are a very friendly club.  Our members enjoy helping one another.
  • Acting as Mentor enhances leadership skills
  • The Mentor is awarded two points when the speaker completes 3 speeches.  Read about our Club Awards

Use the Victoria Quay Mentor Program

Make an enquiry with the Vice President Education or the President