Toastmaster Duties

When You Are The Toastmaster

Sample Meeting Agenda

I AM THE TOASTMASTER and this is my opportunity to make the meeting as interesting and entertaining as possible.

Seven days prior,
at the previous meeting
Prior to the meeting on Wednesday evening
I will check with the Vice President Education about changes that may have occurred since the Next Week's Agenda was printed on the Notices sheet.

I will make certain I have the sheet with current member contact details.

During the weekend
On Tuesday,
the day before the meeting
I will check the latest Agenda details on the website and phone all those listed for duties for the meeting to confirm that they are aware of their roles and will be present to give them.

I will ask Project Speakers for details of their manual, project number and title.

I will remind speech evaluators that before the meeting itself they need to obtain the Manual from the speaker to read aloud the objectives before the speech.

I will phone or email the Vice President Education with information to cover any late apologies, and details of project speeches.

At the meeting I will arrive at least 15 minutes early to check last minute details and arrange substitutes for any missing participants. 

When the meeting begins I will welcome visitors, and will welcome any late arrival visitors as soon as I have the floor.

I will explain the role of the Toastmaster to my audience so that new members and visitors will have a better understanding of the role.

I will explain the roles of all participants where possible - e.g. workshop presenters, table topics master, evaluators, inspirations, tonics, timer, phrase of the night and any other special roles.

I will ask the speech evaluators to read the objectives of the project speeches before they are given.

I will say a few words about the speaker before and after their speech. (And I will make it a few words.)

I will introduce participants warmly and finish my introduction by saying "Please welcome .........", with a pause before and raising my voice as I say their name.

After I have introduced them, I will briefly start the applause, then shake their hand and go to my seat.

When the speaker finishes, I will rise from my seat, lead the applause and go to the speaker to shake hands and take back control of the meeting.

When the agenda is completed I will briefly thank the participants as a group (not individually) for their roles and then hand over to the President to complete the meeting.

I will remember that it is the President who will offer an opportunity for members who haven't spoken to do so, and who will ask visitors for their comments on the meeting.