DCP 10 again


What is DCP 10?

Toastmaster Clubs are encouraged to aim for success in serving the needs of their members. The Distinguished Club Program (the DCP!) is the way Toastmasters International measures this success. There is a minimum membership level required plus the achieving of 10 Goals. You can see a list of the 10 Goals below and the 3 levels of success.

A timeline

This system has been in use since the year 2002/03, but online records have only been available since 2004/05.  Victoria Quay has achieved all 10 Goals every year since then (and the equivalent before that).  At the end of the 2014/15 year on June 30, 2015 there were only 41 clubs to have achieved this in the more than 15,000 through the world.  So, that makes us very special.  We are the only such club in our District 17, and we were the only such club when we were still in District 73 with Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

This year, 2015/16

Now that Club Officer Training figures have been published for our District 17, Victoria Quay has 10 DCP Goals – the full set.  Before we can be given full recognition, we need to have at least 20 paid members at the Membership Renewal date of March 31, 2016.  Currently we have 41 members, so it is overwhelmingly likely we will achieve that.

Congratulations Canning Vale

Only one other club currently has 10 Goals – and that is our sister club, Canning Vale.  Our member Mark Richards and his wonderful wife Robyn founded that club in 2008 – so they can’t belong to that group which goes back to 2004/05.  Congratulations Mark and Robyn, and Canning Vale Toastmasters, for your success since you started.

The 10 DCP Goals

Goal 1   2 Competent Communicator Awards
Goal 2   2 more Competent Communicator Awards
Goal 3   1 Advanced Communicator Award
Goal 4   1 more Advanced Communicator Award
Goal 5   1 Competent Leader Award
Goal 6   1 more Competent Leader Award
Goal 7   4 new members
Goal 8   4 more new members
Goal 9   4 Officers attending 2 sets of Club Training
Goal 10  2 sets of returns submitted on time

You can see a full set of the awards for all DCP for District 17 Clubs

And you can see the very small set so far of Current Distinguished District 17 Clubs

David Nicholas DTM

David Nicholas DTM

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