Meeting 1117 Feb 15 2017

Just another meeting?

Yes, it was.  the usual mix.

  • It started on time and finished on time
  • The Toastmaster was friendly and warm - and expert
  • The Table Topics were easy and answered well
  • The speeches engaged our attention and met the Objectives
  • The evaluations used the CRC structure
    Commend Recommend Commend
  • Gail prepared an excellent supper

Peter was Toastmaster

He's one of our most experienced members but for the past 9 months this was only his third meeting.  Work responsibilities took him out of WA for that time.

He was a model for how to chair a meeting.

  • He was relaxed and friendly
  • He kept the meeting moving steadily
  • When introducing speakers he gave their names special emphasis

Mike gave the Inspiration

He told us about a wonderful journey viewing wildflowers around Perenjori.  He was particularly excited by the stands of Wreath Flowers.



David presented a Workshop

He reported that 5 of our Officers had attended Club Officer Training on the previous Thursday.  As a result our Club has again Achieved Presidents Distinguished Club with all 10 Goals.


Eileen was Table Topics Master

Eileen had a theme of current interests

Dean took on the role of WA Premier
Damian speculated about Cane Toads
Keith attended a town meeting
Catherine discussed the National Anthem
Frank proposed a WA Monument
Mike proposed a public relations program to celebrate thongs

Dean delivered the Tonic

(The Tonic gives some time for the Table Topics Evaluator to sort their notes)

Dean remembered a recent trip to the United States.  He noticed many examples of The Tall Poppy Syndrome.  People who stand out and do exceptional things are targets for hostile criticism.


Peter C Evaluated Table Topics

This role is generally regarded as the biggest and most demanding.

There are 5-6 speakers to be evaluated in just 6 minutes.  That is challenging.

Our Speech Evaluations are done immediately after the Speaker has completed.

For Table Topics Evaluation an extra space of 2 minutes for the Tonic is granted the Evaluator.  In that time the Evaluator has to check  s/he has CRC details for each speaker.

Given the time constraints, best practice requires that there is just one Commendation at the beginning, one specific Recommendation for improvement and one final Commendation.

Peter showed his great experience and his impressive skill by carrying out all these best practice requirements.


Prepared Speeches


Chris spoke about Old Town

This was Competent Communicator #4: How to say it

He told us about visiting Edinburgh with its castle on the great rock.

At the base is the Old Town.  He described its attractions

Dean evaluated the speecb.

The Old Town

Gail asked us Do you have a secret?

This was also Competent Communicator #4: How to say it

She remembered meals she attended as a child.  There was always a special question she asked -  Do you have a desert?

Chocolate Fudge was and is her special desert.
She described its attractions with loving, vivid evocations.

And she told us her secret
300 gm chocolate, 125 gm butter, 1 tin of condensed milk

Keith evaluated the speech.


Glenis told us Why I kept changing careers

This was  Competent Communicator #1: The Icebreaker

When she was 14 Glenis had developed a love of learning.  She accepted an offer too good to refuse from the Education Department.  Sign up to train as a teacher and we will give your parents a bursary to support you through High School and then you an allowancc while you train.

At the end of her training at age 20 she began as a secondary teacher with permanent status.  But she was in love and wanted to marry.  She did marry but then a clause in her agreement kicked in.  As a woman - yes this only applied to women - she was sacked and had to repay her "Bond".  She went on teaching but was now reduced in status to temporary with no further career path.  They took repayments from her wages as she taught.  She married a teacher but none of that applied to him - he was male!

Pauline evaluated the speech.

Keith presented his Meeting Highlights

He had intended to start from the beginning of the meeting.  Now, after hearing Glenis speak, he reversed the order to name her speech as his personal highlight.

He proceeded to go through the meeting and identify other positive experiences he had.  He was very warm and encouraging and succeeded in keeping the emphasis on the successful presenters.

Of course Keith is Keith and he was always colorful and dramatic in the content, his voice and his gestures.  His Highlights could reasonably be classed as a highlight.


Scott evaluated the evaluators

Evaluating the Evaluators is a taxing job which requires a great deal of concentration and good judgment.  Scott was up to the task.

He used the CRC structure and gave accurate feedback.  He is working hard to always add a final detailed Commendation after the Recommendation.  He had a lot of success this time.

Leisl gave the Timing Report

She did it faultlessly.

Nothing more to say.


Catherine Evaluated the Meeting

The Meeting Evaluator has an important two part function.

In the first part, she offers evaluations for all those who haven't previously been evaluated, except for the Evaluator of the Evaluators.  Tonight this included

  • The Sergeant at Arms and Toastmaster
  • The Inspiration and the Tonic
  • Table Topics Master
  • The Highlights and Timer

In the second part, she evaluated the style and performance of the meeting as a whole.

It's a big job and she did it carefully and well.

David closed the meeting

Usually the President closes the meeting, but Ilija wasn't able to attend this night.

When the President is away it is a role for the Vice President Education.  Bill is also away so David is acting in his place.

David first congratulated Damian on joining the club tonight.  There was very friendly applause from the full audience.

Visitor Frank from our Monday night Quaynote Speakers gave his impressions of the meeting.

Another visitor, Catherine, had been invited to attend by our own Catherine.  She gave an enthusiastic appreciation of the meeting.

President's Distinguished Club with 10 goals

David reported that Victoria Quay has achieved its final Club Goal.  As a result we have retained our position as one of only 40 clubs among the almost 15,000 clubs worldwide which have attained all 10 Goals since 2002.

David invited all to join us at the Supper provided by Gail and closed thee meeting.


The next meeting is on Wed, Feb 22, 2017

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