Club Officers Jan to June 2018

Elections were held on Dec 6 2018

These are for the term from January to June 2018
David Nicholas was VP Education from January to March

Scott Woodhill CC

Vice President Education
Stuart Steel

Vice President Membership
Katrina Anderson

Vice President Public Relations
Ilija Jurin

Caroline Devenish-Meares

David Nicholas DTM

Sergeant at Arms
Mike O’Brien

Immediate Past President
Ilija Jurin CC

What do the Officers do?

They have general administrative roles and particular responsibilities.

Club Administration

A quick summary is that they handle the club’s administration and make decisions for the benefit of the club. Most of our members have joined to learn and to practice their public speaking skills. Our officers meet for a business session every two to three months.

Specific Officer Roles

  • President – Close each meeting after welcoming comments from visitors and handling announcements.
  • Vice President Education – Prepare and print Agendas for our weekly meetings
  • Vice President Membership – Welcome visitors, hand them our new member material and handle their applications to join
  • Vice President Public Relations – Submit stories to be published on our webpage (like this story) and assist with preparing and publishing the Club’s Newsletter, Quaywords
  • Secretary – Prepare Agendas for Business Meetings and record the Minutes
  • Treasurer – Handle all the Club’s financial dealings and records
  • Sergeant at Arms – Set up the weekly meetings, open the meetings and put away afterwards

A new Club Role

Supper Coordinator

The supper at the end of our meetings is a very important part of our Club culture. It is one of the key reasons that we have been able to maintain our position as one of only 40 outstanding clubs in the 16,000 around the world.

We have decided it is so important that we have a special Officer role. Gail Allen has agreed to take on the role.

If you have any enquiries about this new role, or any other matter relating to the club or your membership, you can speak to any of our Officers and contact

President Ilija – 0455 570 011
Club Contact David – 0401 011 212

David Nicholas David Nicholas

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Webmaster David Nicholas


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