Pathways for Victoria Quay members

Have you enrolled in Pathways yet

Did you notice the message to all members in WA from Toastmasters International on Tuesday evening, January 9, 2018?

Have you enrolled in Pathways yet?

What does it mean?
How does it affect your membership of Victoria Quay?
What should you do?

Pathways is a complete change to the way Toastmaster membership operates.  The current printed Manual based training system will be replaced by an online projects system.

When will it happen?

The current printed Manuals will be phased out over the next 2 years.

For now – take it easy

The meeting format will continue without changes.

Continue with your current Manual progress.

You will get credits as usual.

Ease your way into Pathways at your preferred pace

Work through the set of helpful web pages that our Officers will post in the next few months.

Do nothing new for the moment

Unless ???

You want to dive in and look around.

Then you can use the How to login Help page to be posted on Saturday, the day after tomorrow.


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