A Weekend Away


We went to Nathanael's Rest

This is  small Convention Centre set in bushland.  It is very close to the centre of Mundaring.  The town has a range of civic facilities and numerous shops.

There are lots of trees with a few open paddocks set in rolling hillsides.  There is a creek - dry right now in summer.

There is excellent accommodation with two and one bedroom units.  The main meeting area has an attached kitchen.

We were a mixed bunch

There were 7 of us.

Carla and Catherine belong to Quaynote Speakers.

Glenis, Rob and Scott belong to Victoria Quay.

David belongs to both.

Margaret is joining Victoria Quay.


We had meals together

We self catered and brought along food of our choice.  There is an excellent kitchen with a full range of cooking options, crockery and cutlery.

We worked together in a friendly fashion to prepare meals.  We shared the results.  We experienced some surprises and some standard mainstays.

Rob brought along a few bottles of red.  We started the Friday night evening meal with a toast.

We sat around and talked

This shot shows us on the outside terrace.

Inside there was a set of easy chairs grouped around a heater.  We didn't need the heater.

There were many incidental smaller groups.


We had two Victoria Quay Toastmasters Meetings

On Saturday morning and Sunday morning

Saturday Morning - #1127

This one was different.  It was a Speakathon.

What's that?

We had a Toastmaster - Scott

And a Timer -  Rob

Everybody gave an Icebreaker Speech - including the Toastmaster - and evaluated another speaker.

Our visitor - Margaret - gave an Icebreaker as well.

So David gave a Workshop about Basic Speaking Skills and Icebreakers.

Margaret's speech was remarkably accomplished for a first effort.


Sunday morning - #1128

This had a standard Agenda.

  • Catherine was Toastmaster
  • Margaret gave the Inspiration
  • Rob was Table Topics Master
  • Glenis delived a Tonic
  • Scott evaluated the Table Topics
  • There were Manual speeches from Carla, Catherine, Glenis and David
  • They were evaluated by Glenis, David, Margaret! and Rob.
  • Margaret gave the Highlights
  • Carla Evaluated the Evaluators
  • David handled Timing
  • Scott Evaluated the Meeting.

Video Recordings

My recently acquired iPhone 7Plus has an excellent video camera.

For meeting #1127 I recorded a few of the speeches.

Scott and Margaret found them very valuable when they watched their replay.  It's completely different and illuminating to watch and hear yourself delivering a speech.

For meeting #1128 I recorded every item - not the meeting as a whole - but each item separately.  Scott and Carla operated the camera when I was the subject.

Now we have a problem - we are working on how to make them available to the speakers.


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