Meeting Records 2012 Jul to Sep

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Victoria Quay Member Activity Record for Jul-Sep 2012 Spacer Return to Program Screen
Date Jul 04 Jul 11 Jul 18 Jul 25 Aug 01 Aug 08 Aug 15 Aug 22 Aug 29 Sep 05 Sep 12 Sep 19 Sep 26 Date
Meeting 839 840 841 842 843 844 845 846 847 848 849 850 851 Meeting
Alan Ev Meeting TTM Ev Evals Timing TT Eval Adv Sp TM TT Eval Ev Daniel  Ev Kasia TTM Ev Neville Contest Chair Alan
Andrew Ev Christian Ev Heljo CC 4 TTM Sp Andrew
Blanche TTM Present Inspiration Present Adv Sp Blanche
Chandra Joined Tonic Chandra
Christian Sp 2 TT Ev Sp 3 TTM Ev Sue TM Tonic Ev Blanche Highlights Sp 4 Christian
Christine Ev David Ev Evals Present Present TT Eval Adv Sp TM TTM Inspiration Adv Sp Christine
Colin H Present TM Adv Sp Ev Sue Sp Colin H
Daniel Joined Tonic Inspiration Sp 1 Timing Ev David Highlights Sp 2 TM Ev Dave Highlights Daniel
Dave Timing Highlights TM Present CC 5 Ev Neville Ev Christine Ev Heljo Inspiration Sp 6 TTM Sp Dave
David Sp 5 Workshop Ev Meeting Ev Liam CC 2 Ev Evals Ev Victor Ev Evals Ev Nat TT Eval CC8 Workshop David
Denis Highlights Denis
Gary Sp 4 Sp 5 TM Gary
Glenis Sp 6 Timing Highlights Tonic Ev Meeting Award Sp Glenis
Greg L Sp 4 TT Eval Workshop Sp 8 Highlights TT Eval Present TT Eval Timing Greg L
Greg M Present Ev Daniel Adv Sp Present Sp Greg M
Heljo Sp 3 Ev Meeting Sp 4 Highlights Ev Evals Inspiration Sp 5 Ev Greg M Highlights TM CC8 TM Heljo
Kasia Tonic Sp 1 TTM Present Inspiration Sp 2 Tonic Kasia
Liam Joined Present Inspiration CC 1 Timing Liam
Mark R Ev Peter C Ev Meeting Sp 5 Ev Colin Ev Christian Award Sp TTM Mark R
Neville Adv Sp Ev Evals Ev Evals Ev Peter Adv Sp Timing TT Eval Ev Meeting CC9 Sp Neville
Pauline Inspiration Sp 1 Ev Saman Present Present TTM TM Ev Evals Sp 2 Ev David Pauline
Peter C Sp 4 Ev Dave Timing Tonic Ev Mark Tonic Timing Peter C
Peter L Ev Meeting TT Eval Workshop CC 6 Ev Meeting  Sp 8 Timing TM TT Eval Peter L
Phil Joined Inspiration Phil
Richard Adv Sp Ev Meeting Richard
Ruth Ruth
Saman Ev Gary Timing Highlights Sp 7 Ev Andrew TT Eval Present Ev Evals Sp 8  Ev Peter L Ev Meeting Saman
Sonja Sonja
Sue TM Ev Neville TTM CC 5 Ev Alan Highlights Timing Sp 4 Inspiration Sue
Viktor Ev Heljo TM Ev Gary Tonic TTM Sp 6 Timing Highlights Ev Christine Viktor
Visiting participant Nat Raisebeck-Brown Robyn R
Marianne L
Ross W
Visiting participant
Special Grease Special
Visitors Tania Ali
Peter C joined Devlin Devlin
Shi Shi
Devlin Devlin
Ty Visitors
Present 17 18 17 23 19 17 15 16 18 19 20 23 15 Present