Meeting Records 2012 Jan to Mar

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Victoria Quay Member Activity Record for Jan-Mar 2012 Spacer Return to Program Screen
Date Jan 18 Jan 25 Feb 01 Feb 08 Feb 15 Feb 22 Feb 29 Mar 07 Mar 14 Mar 21 Mar 28 Date
Meeting 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 Meeting
Alan Adv Sp CC 1 Ev Evals TM  Workshop  Ev Meeting  Sp 3  Highlights Ev Greg M Timing Workshop Alan
Andrew Ev TT Present  Highlights  Inspiration TT Eval Andrew
Barry Inspiration  Ev Ruth  Sp 8  Tonic  Ev Peter Tonic Present Barry
Blanche TTM  Ev Hugh  CC9 Inspiration Counter Blanche
Christine TTM Timing Ev Greg L  Present Timing TM Timing Christine
Colin H Inspiration Inspiration Colin H
Dave Tonic Inspiration  Sp 1 Highlights Ev Blanche Sp 2 Marshall Counter Dave
David CC 8 Ev Greg L Workshop Sp 4  Sp 6  TM  TTM Sp 7 Workshop Contest Chair David
Denis  Ev Greg  Present  TM Denis
Gary  Joined Inspiration CC1 Tonic Gary
Glenis Ev David Ev Evals Sp 4 TT Eval  Timing  Workshop  Ev Sue Ev Dave Chief Judge Glenis
Greg L Workshop Sp 1 Adv Sp Ev Evals TM Ev Evals Ev TT Ev Meeting Ev Richard Contestant Adv Speech Greg L
Greg M Timing TM Ev Meeting Adv Sp Adv Sp Ev Meeting Greg M
Heljo Ev TT Highlights Adv Sp  TTM  Workshop  Ev Neville  Ev Evals TM Contestant Speech Heljo
Hugh Tonic Inspiration Sp 1 Highlights  Hugh Ev DavidN  Sp 2 TT Eval Sp 3 Present Hugh
Ian Ian
Luke TM TT Eval Sp 5 Luke
Mark R Ev Evals Ev Meeting Mark R
Neville Ev Meeting TM Workshop  TT Eval  TM  Adv Sp  Workshop Ev Evals Contest Chair Speech Neville
Peter CC 6 Workshop Ev Glenis Ev Meeting  Ev Meeting  Adv Sp Contestant Peter
Richard  Ev Evals  Present Adv Sp Richard
Richelle Richelle
Ruth Timing Ev David  CC2  Highlights  TTM Ruth
Saman Present Sp 3  Ev Meeting  Ev Alan Highlights Contestant TM Saman
Sue Present Present Tonic Inspiration  CC1  Timing  CC2 Ev David Sue
Tim K Highlights Sp TTM Ev Luke  Ev Evals Tim K
Visiting participant David Fox  Raymond D Visiting participant
Special Hugh joined Sue joined Dave Joined Luke last meeting  Gary joined Evaluation Contest International Contest Special
Visitors Sue
 Gary Stephanie Chris
Present 17 15 17 17  15  12  18  14  13 16 18 Present