Meeting Records 2011 Jul to Sep

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Victoria Quay Member Activity Record for Jul-Sep 2011 Spacer Return to Program Screen
Date Jul 06 Jul 13 Jul 20 Jul 27 Aug 03 Aug 10 Aug 17 Aug 24 Aug 31 Sep 07 Sep 14 Sep 21 Sep 28 Date
Meeting 791 792 793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803 Meeting
Alan Adv Sp Ev Richard Ev Denis Adv Sp TM Timing Workshop Adv Sp Ev Meeting TTM Ev David Timing Ev Meeting Alan
Andrew TT Eval Adv Sp Ev Evals Tonic Andrew
Barry Ev Christine Ev Meeting TM Timing Timing Ev David Sp 3 Barry
Blanche Ev Greg L Timing Ev Evals Ev Neville TT Eval Timing Inspiration Ev Jo Sp 6 TM Chief Judge Blanche
Brett Brett
Christine Sp 5 Sp 6 TTM Inspiration Inspiration TM Contest Contest Christine
Colin H Present Tonic Contest Colin H
David Timing Ev Evals Highlights Spl 4 TTM TM Ev Meeting Ev Glenis Sp 3 Sp 10 Sp 7 Sp 2 David
Denis Ev Alan Ev Greg L Sp 7 TTM TM Highlights Adv Sp TT Eval Ev Meeting Present Denis
Glenis Highlights Ev Peter Sp 6 Timing Ev David F Ev Luke Sp 2 Ev Luke Chief Judge Counter Glenis
Greg L Sp 6 Sp 8 Ev Evals TT Eval Ev Evals Ev Meeting TM Adv Sp Ev Meeting Adv Sp Contest Chair Contest Greg L
Greg M Present Highlights TM Ev Meeting TM Adv Toast Ev David Greg M
Gwenda Ev Evals TM TT Eval Gwenda
Heljo Present Ev Neville Adv Sp TT Eval Ev Evals Ev Evals Timing Ev Ian Contest Contest Heljo
Ian Sp 1 Contest Ian
Janet Janet
Jo Inspiration Sp 6 Timing Ev Denis Sp 6 Ev Evals Jo
Judith Inspiration Judith
Luke Joined Tonic Inspiration Sp 1 Sp 2 TTM Contest TM Luke
Mark R Present Adv Toast Present Mark R
Neville TM Adv Sp Ev Meeting Ev Meeting Adv Sp Ev Jo Highlights Adv Sp TT Evl TM TT Eval Ev Barry Contest Chair Neville
Paul Ev Meeting TT Eval Paul
Peter TTM Sp 9 JokeAThon Adv Sp Highlights TT Eval Adv Sp Highlights TTM Soapbox Contest Peter
Richard A Richard A
Richard S Adv Sp TTM Ev David Ev Meeting Highlights Richard S
Tim K Present Tonic Inspiration Sp 1 TTM Timing Tim K
Tim M Tim M
Visiting participant Ibrahim
David Fox
N32 AGov
Peter Weston Marianne L
Ev Neville
Robyn Richards Visiting participant
Special Tim joined Luke joined 800th meeting Ian joined Saman joined Richelle joined Special
Visitors Ibrahim Luke
Alan D
Ian N
Ian N
Ian N + 14 others Tony O Richelle Allan D
Present 17 16 14 9 11 14 14 17 16 35 13 13 21 Present