January 2012

January 2012


The Newsletter of Victoria Quay Toastmasters
Editor: David Nicholas
: Greg Lynn, Christine Bonser, Glenis Nicholas

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Jan to Jun 2012
Tops Again
Victoria Quay and the DCP
New Members
Hugh and Sue

These are our current Officers

These are for the term from January to June 2012

Neville Simmons ACB

Vice President Education
Greg Lynn CC

Vice President Membership
David Nicholas

Vice President Public Relations
Christine Bonser CC

Heljo Cameron ACS

Denis Sullivan

Sergeant at Arms
Tim Keats

Immediate Past President
Peter Law ACB

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Tops Again

If it wasn’t so exciting and satisfying it could become boring.  Victoria Quay is yet again the first club in District 17 to meet the qualifications for President’s Distinguished Club.


There are ten Goals for clubs to achieve in the Distinguished Club Program.  There are 4 Goals for member speeches, 2 for leadership awards, two membership, 1 for attending training and 1 for submitting administrative returns on time.  Clubs with 20 or more members are eligible  for awards.

5 or 6 Goals – Distinguished

7 or 8 Goals – Select Distinguished

9 or 10 Goals – President’s Distinguished

We started 2012 with 25 members and 9 Goals, so we have met the qualifications for President’s Distinguished Club.  We are the only club in District 17 to reach the top award.  Only Canning Vale is close behind us.  When the Toastmasters Leadership Institute training results are lodged in early February, we will have all 10 Goals.

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New Members in January

We welcome two new members this month. Both were introduced by David Nicholas, but through different sources.



Hugh heard about Toastmasters at family gatherings where he often met David and Glenis.  When he turned 18 he decided that public speaking was a skill that would be of great value in work, study and family life for that matter.  So he spoke to David, who promptly signed him up.

Sue recently moved to Fremantle with her family from the country.  She had a long time desire to improve her public speaking skills.  She searched on the net and found the Victoria Quay website.  She was impressed with the club’s outstanding record and rang David.  She attended our first meeting for 2012 and joined the next week.
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