August 2011

Quaywords August 2011

New Members in August

Tim Keats
Tim Keats

Luke HutchinsonLuke Hutchinson

We welcome two new members this month. Tim was introduced by Paul Reilly  and Luke was introduced by Peter Law. Both work at Leeuwin Barracks.

I joined toastmasters to improve my confidence at speaking in public. I have often been impressed by people who have this skill, and I want to learn to deliver inspirational and powerful speeches myself.

I joined Victoria Quay to push myself, to gain some good experiences, and hopefully some good friends and fellowship. I hope to be able to gain some skills in public speaking learn from other members, and improve on my public speaking ability.

800th meeting

Neville SimmonsNeville Simmons

Wow – its Amazing; Victoria Quay Toastmasters is fast approaching another milestone in its proud history. The 800th meeting (7th September)

What a fantastic achievement.

  • So why has Victoria Quay Toastmasters stood the test of time?
  • How does it maintain is status as one of the top clubs in the country?
  • What’s the clubs secret to producing so many fine high calibre speakers?

The simple answer to the above is of course its members. From the beginning the club has sought to make its members the center of its success and it maintains a culture that is open, friendly and encouraging.

This positive safe learning environment has been nurtured right from the clubs foundation in 1995 and we still have some of those founding members with us; David and Glenis Nicholas, Alan Smith and Judith Ingle. We thank them for their ongoing commitment and support.

Since I have been a member (3 years now) I have watched many new members grow and develop their own confident speaking styles that are underpinned with the Toastmasters communication and leadership programs.

New members like Tim Keats and Luke Hutchinson spring to mind, who are already demonstrating amazing progress after taking the plunge and deciding to give it a go – Well done guys!!!

The Toastmasters programs offer fantastic opportunity to grow and develop existing and new skills. As a manager I have personally found so much of the material taught in the leadership program has had a real hands on benefit in the workplace.

In summary – The club enjoys a rich history of success because of the ongoing culture of keeping its members up front and center stage. (No pun intended)

Thank you to all past and present members of the best Toastmasters club in the world. Victoria Quay – Looking forward to seeing you all at the 800th

Neville Simmons ACB ALB
Club President.


Christine BonserChristine Bonser

Our Vice President Public Relations, Christine Bonser was away for most of July and the first week of August.  At her first meeting back she gave a speech about one of her notable experiences.  This is a version of that speech.  Note the hat she wore.

The month is July & we are at the Calgary Stampede, marketed as the greatest out door show on earth, with 2 million dollars in cash & prizes on offer for competitors for this annual 10 day event.

White Stetson, jeans, belt buckles & cowboy boots seem to be mandatory wear in this province in Canada.

One million spectators will pass thru the gates, each person taking home something special from the experience of this event.

I’m on holiday with my husband Rod & 14 others on tour with APT. We’ve been blessed with summery days 15-20 degrees, or so the locals informs us.  We must remember it does get to minus 50 degrees in winter.

Our guide Tyler said, like Australia, Canada has 4 seasons  – winter, winter, winter & summer !  He chuckles – any day with sun is a good day in Canada.

We have tickets in the grandstand for Friday night’s Chuck Wagon Racing and afterwards a spectacular night show -TransAlta Grandstand Show. It’s rodeo like nothing else I have ever seen -, best described as mind blowing.

For certain I have more video footage of the spectacular night show which included fireworks, artificial snow, acrobats suspended by steel ropes in bubbles & on the back of suspended vintage trucks played brass bands, dancers, colours spectacular. This show certainly had the wow factor !

I would think Worksafe Australia would be cringing with the many dangerous movements being performed for our entertainment.

Sat afternoon the 2nd last day of the event, so the finals, we watched from the grandstand bull riding, bare back horse riding, ladies barrel riding & steer wrestling.  Everyone got into the spirit of the event, cheering and having a great time in general.

In conclusion this event was much more than a rodeo.  We experienced ice skating, BMX riding, side show alley including a person being shot out of a cannon (human cannonball) food – every type of food conceivable right down to fried cheesecake!

Next year 2012 marks the 100 year anniversary –  a huge marketing ploy for Calgary.  For certain it will be bigger and better than previous years.

We loved it, enjoyed the experience and the local hospitality.

Christine Bonser