Where to stand when speaking

There are three main situations

Table Topics response

So, you’ve been given a Table Topic to respond to. Here are some simple suggestions

  • Stand up
  • Go behind your chair with plenty of space so you don’t lean on it
  • Pause as you look around at the audience, not the Table Topics Master
  • Complete your answer and pause

Resume your seat

A speaking assignment at the front

This may be an inspiration, a tonic, highlights, a project speech or an evaluation

Anticipate when the Toastmaster will be likely to call you out

  • Go to the front at the side most convenient for you and wait to be called
  • As your name is called, move to the Toastmaster, shake hands and take up your position in the centre, about two metres back from the front person on the side
  • When you finish, pause, looking at the audience, waiting for their applause
  • Then turn to the side for the Toastmaster to come to you to shake hands
  • Go the side and return to your seat

A speech evaluator called to give the speech objectives

  • Stand up
  • Push your chair back so you have space to stand comfortably
  • As your read the speech objectives try to also make eye contact with the audience
  • Sit down again and pull your chair into position

Keep practising

You will improve rapidly.  Don’t worry about making mistakes.  You are among friends.
Listen carefully to the Evaluators comments on your performance.
At your next opportunity, put into practice any recommendations you found helpful.