Toastmaster at Victoria Quay

This is the way we do it

You are in control of the meeting

Make certain it runs efficiently, on time, with energy.

Before the meeting starts

The VPE (Vice President Education) will provide the printed Agenda.
Check that all the named participants are present to take their roles.
If anybody is missing, arrange a replacement from those present, even if it means doubling up roles.
Be ready to start before the Sergeant at Arms opens the meeting.

When you take over at the beginning

Welcome everybody and promise them an energetic and fun filled meeting.
Particularly welcome visitors and promise to explain the various roles in the meeting as you proceed

Your most important skill

Introducing people. Read the page at
Introducing speakers
The most important skill is to get the name last, with oomph! with a pause before it for emphasis.

Look ahead

Keep your eye on the next Agenda item, so you are ready for it. Sometimes a speaker will finish unexpectedly quickly. Be ready for that so you can take over again with easy skill and reassuring competence.

Ask the evaluator for the speech objectives

Before you introduce a speaker, ask the evaluator for the speech objectives. While that is being delivered refresh your knowledge of the speaker’s name, and the speech title!! It’s embarrassing to forget either of these, but it is very easy.

Handling overtime speakers

When you hear the Timer’s first buzzer stand up and wait by the side.  If the second buzzer sounds, walk calmly to the speaker with your hand outstretched, say “Thank you, (John/Jane)” and gently but firmly escort them to the side and take control in the centre.  Don’t be intimidated by a speaker who says they just want to complete their speech.

Hand over to the President to close the meeting

If there are visitors, leave it to the President to ask them how they found the meeting.