The 7 Officer Roles in Victoria Quay Toastmasters Club

Serving as an Officer in a Toastmasters Club is an opportunity and a responsibility.  It is a great opportunity to get training and experience in a leadership role.  It is part of our club membership to be responsible to promote the club's service to members.

The Executive Committee, made up of the 7 elected Officers and the Immediate Past President, handles business on behalf of the club.  All Officers have an important role to attend and participate in Executive Committee meetings. The club needs a wide cross section of leadership planning to function well.

Officer Term

Officers are elected for the full Toastmaster year from July 1 to the following June 30.

Club Officer Training

All 7 Officers are expected to attend the Training presented by District 17 leaders.
Training for the First Term is in July and August.  Currently it is held in Bentley.
Training for the Second Term is in January and February

This is a summary of the opportunities and duties available in each officer role.


* Responsible for the overall success of the club

* Assists other officers with their roles

* Holds regular Executive meetings to plan and monitor club progress

* Represents the Club at Area, Division and District meetings

* Closes Club Meetings

Vice President Education

* Programming - the current program, the next 2 meetings and long range planning

* Leads the preparation of the Club Success Plan for the year and monitors its implementation

* Represents the Club at Area, Division and District meetings

* As the second ranking Officer, takes over in the absence of the President

Vice President Membership

* Develop and carry through a recruiting strategy for new members

* Greet visitors at the beginning of the meeting and invite them to join at the end

* Assist applicants to fill in the Membership Application

* Send off Membership Applications with fees to Toastmasters International

Vice President Public Relations

* Assist the webmaster in maintaining the club website

* Make regular postings to our Facebook page to promote Club activities

* Publicise the activities of the Club in the local community



* Bill and collect Semi Annual Fees from members

* Bank all money collected as soon as possible

* Pay accounts as authorised by the Executive or President

* Keep accurate account books showing all receipts, all payments and the current balance of club funds.

* Prepare a Budget for the coming year


* Keep Minutes of meetings of the Club and the Executive

* Help maintain and develop the Club's Website

* Maintain a register of Club assets

Sergeant at Arms

* Supervise the setting up of the meeting room in time for each meeting

* Supervise the putting away after each meeting

* Open the meeting and hand over to the Toastmaster

Quaynote Speakers has an extra Officer beside the 7 Officers named above

Supper Coordinator

* Provide supper at each meeting for members and guests.

* Set up a Supper Committee to assist with the role

* Purchase and prepare selected food and beverages within the budget amount provided by the Treasurer

For a very detailed account of the official Officer roles go to the Toastmasters International website