CL Manual

Help with your CL Award

When you join Toastmasters you are issued with 2 Manuals – the Competent Communicator and the Competent Leader. Both have 10 projects and each has an Award which is presented when the 10 projects have been completed and lodged with Toastmasters International.

The CL Manual

You will find the 91 pages of this Manual are clearly written and set out logically.  There are 4 main sections.

    Introduction pp.1-5
    Project Completion Record pp.6-7
    The 10 Projects pp.8-57
    Appendix pp.58-2 Information for special projects

The 10 Projects

    Each project has a 2-3 page introduction which explains what is covered, why it is important and what has to be done to complete it.
    This is followed by the individual assignments, all set out in the same standard way with a title and header for the Evaluator’s name and the date and then a ranking estimate and space for the Evaluator to use for comments.

The Records

The Project Completion Record is on p.6. This is filled in by the Vice President Education as Projects are completed. Projects can be done in whatever order is convenient to members. When all 10 Projects are completed the VP Education uses the Record to apply for the award on behalf of the member.

What do you need to do to earn the CL Award?

Select your next assignment and read the background material and suggestions

Bring the Manual to the meeting!!.

Arrange an Evaluator before the meeting starts and give them the Manual

Get the Manual back at the end of the meeting

As you complete each Project, ask the VP Education to sign the Record on p.6

When you have completed all 10 Projects, ask the VP Education to lodge the Award