Meeting Records 2018 Apr to Jun

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Victoria Quay Member Activity Record for Apr to Jun 2018 Return to Program Screen
Date Apr 04
Apr 11
Apr 18
Apr 25
May 02
May 09
May 16
May 23
May 30
Jun 06
Jun 13
Jun 20
Jun 27
Meeting 1175 1176 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181 1182 1183 1184 1185 1186 1187 Meeting
Adrian Sp 3 EvCaroline Sp 3 EvMeeting TT Eval CC 5 Ev Ty Ev Colin Sp 6 Adrian
Aethon Sp 1 TM Aethon
Alan S Timing Sp 10 EvCaroline Alan S
Annika Meal Ev Izzy Ev Evals Tonic TM Highlights Adv Sp TM Ev Adrian Ev Bill Present Adv Sp Annika
Ash Meal Highlights Pathways1 Timing  Ev Annika TTM TT Eval Tonic TM Ash
Bill TTM TM Ev Ash Adv Sp Ev Scott Timing Adv Sp Timing EvMeeting TTM Bill
Brian Present Brian
Caroline Ev Evals Pathways1 Ev Evals TM Ev David Pathways 2 TTM Caroline
Catherine Meal Ev Adrian Present Sp 1 Inspiration EvMeeting Ev Sunil Present EvElizabeth Adv Sp Present Catherine
Christine EvMeeting Ev PeterL Sp 10 Pathways 1 Christine
Colin H Present Ev David Highlights Ev Stuart Present Pathways Ev Annika Colin H
David Meal Sp 7 Sp 5 EvElizabeth Adv Sp EvChristine Ev Evals Pathways TTEval Elections Pathways TM David
Digby TTM Sp 10 CC 7 Ev Richard Ev Adrian Adv Sp Digby
Elizabeth TT Eval Sp 3 Ev Kathryn Tonic CC 4 EvMeeting TM TTM Elizabeth
Gail Timing Adv Sp Highlights Ev Bill Tonic Ev Evals EvMeeting Gail
Glenis Tonic Tonic Glenis
Izzy Meal Sp 7 TT Eval Inspiration Izzy
Kathryn Sp 02 Kathryn
Keith TM Meal Ev PeterC TTM Sp 10 Highlights TT Eval Inspiration Keith
Liz Meal Tonic Present Liz
Mike Meal Ev David Ev Gail Adv Sp Timing Ev Evals TT Eval Adv Sp EvMeeting TM Inspiration Timing EvMeeting Mike
Pauline Meal Ev Alan TTM Adv Sp Pauline Ev Sunil Pauline
Peter C Meal TM Ev Mike Adv Sp Tonic Adv Sp Ev Rob Ev Evals Peter C
Peter L Sp 6 Ev Evals Peter L
Richard Joined Inspiration Highlights Pathways 1 TTM Tonic Highlights Richard
Rob Meal TT Eval EvMeeting EvCatherine Speech TT Eval Rob
Scott Meal Present Timing EvMeeting Ev Digby TTM Adv Sp Ev Keith Present Timing Ev PeterC Adv Sp Scott
Stuart Meal Timing EvMeeting Sp 8 TM Ev Mike Ev Evals Ev Christine Ev David Stuart
Sunil Meal Ev David TT Eval Adv Sp EvMeeting TM Highlights Ev Pauline Ev Scott Adv Sp Sunil
Ty Pathways 1 Present Timing Ty
Visiting participant Laurien
Leisl Timing Visiting participant
Special Meal Meeting  Kathryn rejoined Richard joined Ty joined Elections Special
Visitors Katrina
Andreas Mame
Richard Diana Truus  Ty Ty Maureen Peter Graham Jeremy Visitors
Present 22 17  19 14  14 17 16 17 18 17 18 16 14 Present
Meeting 1175 1176 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181 1182 1183 1184 1185 1186 1187 Meeting