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Victoria Quay Member Activity Record for Jul to Sep 2015 Spacer Return to Program Screen
Date Jul 01 W Jul 08 W Jul 15 W Jul 22 W Jul 29 W Aug 05 W Aug 12 W Aug 19 W Aug 26 W Sep 02 W Sep 09 W Sep 16 W Sep 23 W Sep 30 W
Meeting 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030
Adina Joined Present Present Present Inspiration Sp 1 Timing Adina
Alan S Adv Sp Ev Ilija Ev Antony Ev Evals TM TTM Adv Sp Alan S
Andrew Highlights Andrew
Anna Marie Joined Sp 1 Tonic Inspiration Anna Marie
Antony Highlights Sp 9 TTM Sp 10 Highlights Ev Evals TT Eval Ev PeterL Antony
Bill Sp 7 Present Present Ev PeterC CC 10 Present Bill
Carl Present Carl
Caroline Joined Present Inspiration Present Sp 1 EvMeeting Present Caroline
Colin H Ev James Adv Sp Tonic Present TM Present Highlights Sp 7 Present Inspiration Present Colin H
Colin S Colin S
Dave F Ev Evals Present Ev Juliette TTM EvMeeting TT Eval Sp 10 Present Ev David Present Soapbox Ev David EvMeeting Dave F
David N Adv Sp EvMeeting Sp 4 TT Eval Workshop Ev Rob Ev Shona TT Eval Sp 6 Adv Sp Ev Kjersti Adv Sp Workshop David N
Dean Ev Evals Adv Sp Highlights EvMeeting Timing Inspiration Ev Caroline Ev Evals TTM Dean
Glenis Present Present Present Present Tonic Present Sp 3 Ev Alan Glenis
Graham Present Inspiration TTM Tonic Graham
Greg L Present Present Ev Sandra Timing Ev Glenis Sp 4 Greg L
Hrehan Timing Ev Colin Present TM Sp 2 Timing Sp 3 Ev Scott Ev Evals Hrehan Hrehan
Ilija TTM Ev Louise Sp 7 Tonic Ev Evals Sp 10 Present Ev David EvMeeting Present Inspiration TT Eval Ev Evals Ilija
James Sp 9 Ev David TTM Inspiration Sp 10 TTM James
Jeni Ev Keith Present Highlights TM TT Eval Present Jeni
Jennifer Joined Present Jennifer
Judy  Ev Evals Timing Ev Evals Present Ev Hrehan Sp 5 Present Judy
Juliette Present Tonic Sp 1 Tonic Present Timing TTM Present Present Sp 2 Present TM Juliette
Cate Joined Present CC 1 Tonic Cate
Keith Sp 3 Ev Antony Timing Sp 4 EvMeeting Ev PeterL Tonic TTM Sp 7 Keith
Kjersti Rejoined Present EvMeeting Timing TT Eval Ev PeterL Sp 7 EvMeeting Ev Evals Kjersti
Leisl Joined Present Tonic Inspiration Present Present Leisl
Lizzie Lizzie
Louise Inspiration Ev Bill Sp 4 Present Ev Pauline Present Highlights Timing TM TTM Louise
Mark Present Mark
Olaya Olaya
Pauline TTM Present EvMeeting TM Adv Sp Present Present Ev PeterF Present Ev Anna Marie Present Ev Scott Pauline
Peter C SAA TT Ev Present EvMeeting Ev Keith Present Ev Evals Adv Sp Present Soapbox Present Ev Adina Present Peter C
Peter F Tonic Inspiration Present Sp 4 Present Ev Keith Timing Peter F
Peter H Ev Alan Present TM TTM Ev Greg Peter H
Peter L Adv Sp Present Workshop Ev Roy Adv Sp Ev Sunil Adv Sp EvMeeting CC 7 Soapbox Peter L
Rob Ev David Ev Evals Present Timing Inspiration Sp 6 Present Present Ev Juliette Ev James Tonic Rob
Roy Present Adv Sp Ev Dean Tonic EvMeeting TT Eval Present Adv Sp Ev Cate Timing Roy
Saman Ev PeterL TT  Eval Adv Sp Present Ev Colin Present TM Highlights Saman
Sandra TT Ev TM Present Sp 2 Sandra
Scott Present Timing Inspiration Present Ev Dave Sp 4 Present Present Ev Bill TM Sp 5 Scott
Shona EvMeeting TT Eval Highlights Ev Evals Present Sp 4 Ev Hrehan Ev Judy Present Shona
Stephanie Present Present Inspiration Present Stephanie
Sunil Present Present TM Present Ev Ilija TM Sp 1 Present Present Sunil
Visiting participant Robyn R Ivan H Visiting participant
Special Colins DTM Leisl joined Caroline
Antony's CC Adina joined Ilija's CC AnnaMarie & Cate joined
James CC
Bill's CC Special
Visitors Leisl Leisl
Suda Caroline
John D
AnnaMarie AnnaMarie
Greg R
John Drake Adrian
Present 23 29 24 23  23 25 28 27 27 22 31 21 20 22
Meeting 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030
Date Jul 01 W Jul 08 W Jul 15 W Jul 22 W Jul 29 W Aug 05 W Aug 12 W Aug 19 W Aug 26 W Sep 02 W Sep 09 W Sep 16 W Sep 23 W Sep 30 W