Outstanding Member Awards 08/09

The Victoria Quay Member Awards

Victoria Quay has its own special Member Awards which are different from other Toastmaster Clubs. Other Clubs select one member to be the Toastmaster of the Year. We have too many outstanding members to honour just one of our members. So we have set up an award system to honour all our members who meet certain predetermined standards of excellence. You can look at the Criteria and you can see the Full Report of all members progress during the year 2008/09.

These are our Outstanding and High Achieving Members for 2008/09

Outstanding Members High Achieving Members
Alan Smith 0612 david070224a glenisnicholas070224 | markrichards0705_132 tonyobzrut_070228
Alan Smith DTM David Nicholas DTM Glenis Nicholas DTM Mark Richards DTM Tony Obrzut ACB