Contests at Victoria Quay

February Contests

We will be having Contests at our first two meetings in February.  These are our Club contests.  The winners will represent us at the Area W21 final on Saturday afternoon, February 28.

Who can compete?

All club members are entitled to take part in the contests.  If you would like to compete, let David know.  Email him or phone him on 9457 6468.

Who does the judging?

Judging for the Contests is done by fellow club members – all those not taking part in the Contest. David will present a Judging Workshop which gives training in how to do the judging. Then there will be immediate practice in the contest that follows. Our mix of experienced and newer members gives us an excellent panel which delivers fair results.

There is a Judging Form with suggestions on how to allocate points for various relevant matters. See below to download copies of the forms.   Judges get 1 minute after each contestant has finished to make notes and award points. When all contestants have spoken, the Judges write the names of their preference for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on a form which is collected by the Tally Counters who go out to the back with the Chief Judge and count the votes. The Chief Judge returns to announce the results. The successful contestants are presented with a certificate by our W21 Area Governor.

The Evaluation Contest

Before the meeting, the contestants draw for speaking order.

A Toastmaster from another club will present a Manual Speech of 5-7 minutes. After the speech the Marshall takes the contestants to the back room where they have 5 minutes to prepare their evaluation and make notes. The Marshall then collects the notes and the contestants go out one at a time to deliver their 3 minutes Evaluations. The Marshall hands them their notes as they go out to speak.

Helpful Suggestions for the Evaluation Contest

  • Use the CRC structure – Commend / Recommend / Commend
  • Use a 3/2/1 approach – 3 Commends / 2 Recommends / 1 final Commend
  • End with a brief summary of your points, both Commends and Recommends

The International Speech Contest

Before the meeting, the contestants draw for speaking order.

The speakers deliver their 5-7 minute speeches in the speaking order. They don’t go out and wait their turn with the marshall.

Helpful Suggestions for the International Speech Contest

  • Deliver an inspirational speech
  • Include humor – audiences love to laugh
  • Use the full width and depth of the stage

Download the Judging Forms

Evaluation Judging Forms
International Judging Forms

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  1. Best of luck to the participants! I wish I lived in the area so I could compete, this sounds like terrific fun!

    David Portney

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