VQ resumes Wed Jan 18

First meeting for 2012

We had a break over Christmas and the new year.  Now our meetings start again on Wednesday, January 18.  Our new Vice President Education, Greg Lynn, will be sending out the program very soon.

Coming up in 2012

It will be a mix of the new and the old.  There will be new members – in fact during the break Hugh joined and will be at the meeting on January 18.  There will be visitors.  Several have contacted us during the break and will be coming along to see how we function and how they will benefit from joining us.  It’s alway a pleasure to experience the Icebreakers from our new members as we learn fascinating things about their background and their hopes and aspirations.

Our current members will be continuing their progress through their Speech Manuals and lifting their skills as they do so.  Awards will be completed.  Honours will be received.  Perhaps some of the Bowling Club’s overhead fans will be replaced or serviced.  Perhaps.

The website will be redesigned

Yes, it’s a great website already, but it can be better, particularly to bring it more into line with the Toastmasters International rebranding exercise carried out in 2011.  It will take about a month, but don’t be surprised if the appearance changes.  It’s a new year – we need new approaches.

We have some new Club Officers

Have a look at  the webpage showing our Current Club Officers. Three of the Officers are new this term – Greg, Heljo and Tim.

Our Officers will be attending Toastmaster Leadership Institute training in February. Apart from the benefit in their knowledge and experience, this will give us our tenth goal in the Distinguished Club Program. Our Club is the only one to have a completely unbroken record of all 10 Goals in the Program. We will be maintaining that this year as well.  You can see us leading the way in our District at Successful Clubs 2001/12.

What are your goals for this year?

We all have our own reasons for joining Victoria Quay Toastmasters.  Make certain you get what you need from our club this year.

David Nicholas

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  1. Avatar for Greg M Greg M on March 28, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    It was a great night at the Central Division C1 Area speech contest last night and it went off without a hitch. Blanche MacQuinto’s 10th speech entitled “I made it through the rain” talked a lot about the support, of the Victoria Quay club, provided to her to finish her 10th speech for the Competent Communicator Award. Many of the judges after the contest, mentioned that they felt it had the making of a great International Speech and hoped that Blanche consider such.

    Christine Bonser ably assisted Saman Perera (the Chief Judge) and having two capable hands at the start made certain that we started on time, and finished on time. Christine won a door prize, which we hope she will enjoy, and Saman is now a fully blooded Chief Judge, willing and able to do battle for the cause Toastmasters Contests in the future. The quality of the speeches were, excellent, a bit like a good club night at Victoria Quay.

    David please note Blanche, Christine and Saman’s activities for the club member of the year awards and Neville thank them for me, at the close of tonight’s meeting

    Greg Madden
    C1 Area Governor District 17

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