VQ Member Awards

Three Meetings to go

Most Toastmaster Clubs select one member to honour as their Toastmaster of the Year.  Victoria Quay has so many excellent members that we have a completely different system.  Not one member, but as many as reach certain goals which they work towards during the year.

We have Outstanding Members and High Achieving Members

This article will explain the system and identify those who have already reached one of those targets, and those who are so close that they may be able to make it during the last three weeks of the month of June and the 2013/14 year.

The Criteria

Go to Criteria for Member Awards

You will see that there are points awarded for various activities.  Of course Attendance at meetings is the most rewarded, followed by Toastmaster Awards like the CC (Competent Communicator), the AC (3 levels of Advanced Communicator) and Leadership.  There are several other opportunities that add to your points.  Our Officers are given 6 points per 6 month term.  I have included them from the beginning of June.

Outstanding Members must reach 80 points.

High Achieving Members aim to get to 60 points.

You can see the current table at Victoria Quay Club Awards

Who has achieved one of these awards at June 4?

You can see the report at Victoria Quay Member Awards

Outstanding Members  David Nicholas and Dave Finnimore

High Achieving Members  Heljo Cameron, Alan Smith, Peter Carrie, Josef Hewber, Peter Law and Greg Lynn

Prospective Awards

Here is a list of members who may move to Outstanding, or to High Achieving.  Note that there are three meetings left, and as well, members can earn points at other clubs.

Alan Smith needs one point to reach Outstanding.  He looks certain to achieve that yet again.

Heljo Cameron needs two points to reach Outstanding.  Attending 2 of the 3 remaining meetings will get there.

Peter Carrie needs 3 points to achieve Outstanding.  He is scheduled for a speech on June 18 so he should get there easily with a few attendances.

Peter Law has quite a way to go, but he can make it to Outstanding if he gets 10 points when he lodges another award for the club.

Adam Hewber has 48 points so he needs another 12, but on June 25 he completes his CC and will make it to High Achieving.

Chester Tan has 46 points, so he needs another 14.  Rather difficult but!  he also is scheduled for a speech on June 25, so Chester if you can attend all 3 meetings left this month you too will reach High Achieving.

Kjersti Vinje has 49 points, so she needs 11.  To get there Kjersti you need to complete two more speeches.  That’s rather difficult, but it isn’t impossible.


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