Victoria Quay Member Awards

Congratulations to our Outstanding and High Achieving Members

Victoria Quay has its own special way of honouring members.  Where most clubs give a single award for Toastmaster of the Year at the end of the year, we recognise many members for their achievements.

We have a set of criteria which awards points for various activities, mostly within the club, but also in the wider Toastmaster community.  Currently at May 5 we have 2 Outstanding members – Alan Smith and David Nicholas – and 4 High Achieving members – Heljo Cameron, Gail Jenkins, Peter Law and Neville Simmons.  By June 30 we expect to have  4 or 5 Outstanding Members and 4 or 5 High Achieving Members.

You can view a record of this year to date and the 4 previous years at Awards

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