VQ Awards 2013/14

Club Awards for the Toastmasters Year July 2013 to June 2014

Victoria Quay recognises the achievements of many members.  Most Toastmaster Clubs select only one member as the outstanding member for the year.  
We have too many active members who contribute to the club to use that process.

The Criteria

There is a carefully selected list of activities which accumulates points towards targets.  These are chosen to encourage members
to contribute to the overall success of the club, as well as their own personal growth and achievements.  The main elements
are attendance at meetings,  serving as a Club officer, giving speeches at both the club and outside, and lodging awards
with Toastmasters International.

You can see the full list at Club Awards Criteria

The Awards

We recognise and honour Outstanding Members and High Achieving Members.

We began this recognition process in 2005/06.

You can track the full list for each year since then at Victoria Quay Club Awards

The Awards for 2013/14

Outstanding Members

David Nicholas, Alan Smith, Dave Finnimore, Heljo Cameron, Peter Carrie

High Achieving Members

Peter Law, Josef Hewber, Dean Humphrey, Greg Lynn, Adam Hewber


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