Swan Song on the Swan

The Parmelia Hilton is the only place to be 21 – 22 May 2011 if you are serious about Public Speaking, as a matter of fact if you are only slightly interested  about Public Speaking it will be the place to be as this will be our District 73 Convention next year.

It is also the end of an era and the start of a new one for WA.  WA will be breaking away from SA, Vic and Tas to form their own District 17.  It is also our last chance as WA Toastmasters to meet up with and  go up against our Eastern States partners head to head in our four speech contests.  Not only that but there will be the big dinner, ball and the birth of our new district.

Our Club will be able to pay for our club member registrations for those attending and I am thinking that will be bulk of us as a convention is worth attending, having been to last years convention.

For more information go to District 73 Website .

See you all there.



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