Peter Law wins at Division

The Southern Division International Final

The final was held on Sunday, April 6, 2014.  There were 5 contestants, representing each of the 5 Areas in Southern Division.  They are S31, S32 (we are in S32), S33, S34 & S35.  Although Peter belongs to Victoria Quay and Netmasters, both in S32, he was actually representing Armadale in S31.  The S32 representative was our Dean Humphrey.  He didn’t win or come second this time, but he’s looking forward to next year.

Alan Clarke
Peter Law DTM

Peter won the contest with his speech “Everybody needs a bricklayer“.  He had a speaking aid – two very heavy house bricks.  Second was VJ – Vijayakumar Vijayaratnam from Murdoch Southsiders.  They will both go into the District 17 final being held in the District Convention at Mandurah on May 24.

If he wins the District Final – and he did so two years ago – he will compete in the Semi-Finals for the World Championship of Public Speaking.  This will be in KL in Malaysia in August this year.  If he wins the Semi-Final he will be after the World Championship.

The Evaluation Final

Greg Madden from Victoria Quay was the S32 finalist in the Evaluation Contest.  He didn’t win it this time, but got valuable experience for his next effort.


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