Peter Law wins the D17 International

Peter Wins the International


The District 17 Final results on May 25, 2014

There were 6 contestants in the District 17 International Speech final – 2 each from the three Divisions – Southern, Northern and Central.

International-    1st Peter Law 2nd Vijayakumar Vijayaratanam 3rd Martin Lindsay

Peter won and will represent the District in the finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking to be held at the Toastmasters International Convention at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in August.

Victoria Quay Celebrates

At the end of our regular meeting on May 28, 2014, President Dave Finnimore congratulated Peter on behalf of the Club and invited him to tell us about the final.
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Peter obliged. He was very modest about his win. He said that all 6 speakers did very well, but that he thought that he would probably come behind either VJ or Martin or both. The judges thought otherwise.

He told us about various parts of the speech, but particularly one section where he messed up his routine with the two bricks he used and spent too much time kneeling with them. After the contest was over quite a few people came to congratulate him, and particularly one person who congratulated him on that part of the speech as quite brilliant. Wow!

The Rotator to the right shows Peter in action, speaking to our meeting. Note some kneeling shots.


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