Online Committee Meeting Oct 25

Spearwood Toastmasters Launch

Heljo Cameron
Heljo Cameron

David Nicholas and Heljo Cameron are sponsoring the launch of a new Toastmasters Club at the Spearwood Bowling Club.  The Demonstration Meeting will be held at the Bowling Club on Monday evening, November 18, 2013 at 6.30pm.  The 5 member Committee met on Friday evening, Oct 25 from 8-8.30pm  to discuss progress so far, and plans for the next three weeks leading up to the launch.

We met online

David set up an online meeting using GoToMeeting webinar software on his computer at his home in Willagee.  Greg Lynn joined him there.

Also present at the meeting through the GTM software were Heljo in Coogee, Dave Finnimore in Secret Harbour and Jervynna Teh in Atwell.  Just like a committee meeting held at the Victoria Quay venue in the Fremantle Bowling Club, we could all see and hear one another.  The only significant difference in the meeting “venue” was that we didn’t have to drive to a specific address, but could meet from our own homes.

The technology is simple to use

There was a mixture of online vehicles being used.  David used his Macintosh MacBookAir desktop computer.  Heljo had her modem running through the TV set providing the visuals in and out and used the phone for sound in and out.  Jervynna used her iPad for both visuals and sound.  Dave used his ancient Microsoft Computer for visuals and the phone for sound.  The result was we were all present together in the sense that we could all see and hear one another without any difficulties.

More online Committee Meetings are on the way

It was a great success.  We will be using the technology for small committee meetings a lot more in the future.

David Nicholas

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David Nicholas DTM
Victoria Quay Webmaster
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