Meeting 703 Humorous Contest

Funny business

The stories were meant to be funny – and they were.

Lee Syminton was Toastmaster.

Peter Law
Peter Law

Peter Law warmed up the audience before the contestants came on stage. He was out to “Beat the Chicken” on the City to Surf run. Peter found that he might have been a powerful distance runner in the past, but the present was a different matter.

The Humorous Contest

Gail Jenkins was the Contest Chair.

The Judges

Chief Judge David Nicholas again presented a Judging Workshop. Again we had an expert panel, this time of 10 judges.

The Contestants

We had five excellent contestants who all delivered polished speeches and all were funny.

Neville Simmons, Heljo Cameron, Richard Strickland, Mark Hamilton and Diarmuid Neville.

Humor Contestants
Peter, Neville, Heljo, Richard, Mark, Diarmuid & Gail

The Results

Diarmuid & David
Diarmuid & David

Chief Judge David announced the results.

Third place getter was Mark Hamilton.

Second was Neville Simmons.

The winner was Diarmuid Neville.

Diarmuid and Neville will represent us at the Area Final, with Mark as an emergency reserve.

Tony Obrzut presented the Highlights.

Karyn Patterson presented the Timing Report.

Mark Richards evaluated the Meeting.

President Heljo Cameron closed the meeting. She welcomed our visitor, Colin, who expressed his intention to join. Diarmuid’s sister Julia was a second visitor.

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