Meeting 652 Sept 03 2008

Welcome to David and Frank

David Raftery
David Raftery

Frank Lindsay
Frank Lindsay

David rejoined the club tonight. He belonged to Victoria Quay in Calendar Year 2005. For a few months towards the end of that year, his friend Ann-Sophie joined the club. She and David married and they went to Canberra, Anne-Sophie to work as a lawyer, David to study. Now they are back, with 9 month old George. David is working to complete his Ph D.

Frank joined as well. He visited for the first time the previous week and joined tonight. At first he said he wasn’t ready for Alan’s Table Topic, but he changed his mind and spoke not just well, but very well.

Welcome David and Frank.

Gail was Toastmaster.

President Gail was in the chair for the meeting. Originally it had been planned as our Club Humorous Contest with Claire and Hermine the two contestentants. However, Claire competed at Successful Club on Monday night and won both the Table Topics and Humorous. Members can compete at multiple club contests, but may only advance to one Area Contest. Hermine decided to choose to compete in the Area W28 Contest for Successful for both contests. As a result, our Club Contest was cancelled and Claire and Hermine practised their speeches.

Lee gave the Inspiration.

This was Lee’s first presentation – she joined only a fortnight before. She was inspired by her morning walk on Cottesloe Beach. Usually a plane comes in from the north at this time, probably from Bali, so she said a mental hello to the pilot before climbing a sandhill and seeing the sun coming up over the Darling Ranges. She took a deep breath – what a wonderful world we live in.

Claire Lacy
Claire Lacy

Claire’s speech was about the Boy’s School.
She told us of a time when she homeless in London, with no money. She was reading a Georgette Heyer novel about Arabella, sitting on a seat when a nice old lady came along, sat with her, and offered her a job at a boy’s school. She took the job to her great regret as it turned out. Her conclusion – little boys are evil. Never, ever have anything to do with them.

Craig evaluated Claire.



Hermine Zielinski
Hermine Zielinski

Hermine’s speech was titled Dressing Up.
It was a story from her childhood, involving a wonderful black dress, 4 sizes too big for her, and blackcurrant juice, drunk under the table with her brother. Naturally it was all a disaster.

Glenis evaluated Hermine.



Mark’s speech was titled Moments in the Sun.
Mark told us of two times in his life when everything went right. The first was here at Victoria Quay, when to his amazement he won the Club International Speech Contest, up against a powerful field which included Cliff Boer. That was a night of glory for mark. The second was the final of the WA Club Cricket competition. Willetton hadn’t won a final for 22 years. Mark was captain and opening batsman. Glory!! He led the team to victory.

Lynn evaluated Mark.

Alan and Table Topics
Alan has been reading books. He took our Table Topics speakers on a journey through various hypothetical situations based on some of those books. He didn’t give us the titles or the authors – it was all up to us.

Peta Anderson
Peta Anderson

Peta delivered the Tonic. This was her first presentation, since she joined last week.

Tony presented the Table Topics Evaluation.

David’s Highlights tested our listening skills with a range of questions on what had occurred. People had listened very well.



Amanda Siebert
Amanda Siebert

Amanda evaluated the evaluators.

Margaret gave the Timing Report. Her time as timer was notable for her fearless, but accurate, use of the buzzer.

Alan evaluated the meeting.



President Gail closed the meeting. She reminded us that the W21 Area Final will be here in the Bowling Club on Saturday afternoon, September 20. Area Governor Pascale is organising the contests. Glenis, our Vice President Public Relations, has called for contributions for the next issue of our Club Newsletter, Quaywords. A Committee Meeting is scheduled after the meeting and supper tonight.
Gail congratulated David Raftery and Frank on joining the club. Visitor Jeanette spoke – she enjoyed the meeting very much and intends to come again next week.

Margaret Crofts
Margaret Crofts

Margaret prepared the supper. This was Margaret’s last meeting till the beginning of 2009. She is going on an extended trip to the Eastern States with her husband. She will join us again next January.

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  1. Avatar for Colin Simons Colin Simons on September 7, 2008 at 5:39 pm

    Hello David

    Nice to read the report on your last meeting. And good news that Davis Raftery is back in the Club. Certainly miss the meetings.

    Which brings me to the question – am I still financial ? I seem to recall that we pay our dues in August and I did not pay them, probably because I did not get a reminder. I would still like to be a member thoigh my attendance will be sporadic till early next year. So please advise whether I pay the dues if it is not too late or rejoin the Club at a later date; either would be satisfactory to me.

    I leave for Sydney on the 27th of this month and will only return early next year, though I will come back for short periods. My daughter is due her fourth baby early in October, and she will then have four babies under 3 years and 2 months old – a real glutton for punishment. The Twins are quite a handful and the 1 year old is taking lessons from them – she is vey mobile and requires constant supervision; she does not know how to walk, only knows how to run. Which makes Pearl’s and my presence there rather necessary.

    Best wishes to you, Glynis and all the Members


    Colin Simons

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