Meeting 640 – June 11, 2008

We elected Officers for the next 6 month term

And of course we had an excellent meeting.

Here are some highlights

Glenis was Toastmaster.

Judith gave us the Inspiration – reading a poem by Michael Leunig.

David gave a Workshop on using vivid words in our speaking.

Alan handled Table Topics – comparing past and present versions of common experiences.
There were answers from Mark, Craig, Tammy, Judith and Claire.

Colin H delivered a Tonic about his coming trip to the USA.

Craig evaluated Table Topics.

Cathy delivered her 3rd Speechcraft speech on Binge Drinking. From her own experience, she recommended stopping after two drinks.

Tammy gave her 2nd Speechcraft speech on Mentors. She told us of two very important people who helped when she came to Australia to study.

Ben gave his Icebreaker – Domain je commence – or I’ll start tomorrow. He told us of two situations in which he decided not to put it off any longer – when he lost 20 kgs in 6 months and enrolled for Medical School at Notre Dame.

Margaret gave her Icebreaker – Always read the fine print. She narrated how at 25 years old she and husband decided to leave Perth with their two children and build a mudbrick house on 28 acres in Denmark. They succeeded, despite not having read right to the end of the instructions.

Gail handled Highlights, and this time counted umms, errs and ahs. There weren’t many.

Pascale evaluated the Evaluators.

Michael handled the Timing – he didn’t get a chance to use the buzzer.

Hermine evaluated the meeting.

David conducted elections for next term – and here are the results.

President is Gail
Vice President Education is David
Vice President Membership is Michael
Vice President Public Relations is Glenis
Secretary is Amanda
Treasurer is Alan
Sergeant at Arms is Craig.

We look forward to another year of outstanding achievement from our members and our club.

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