Meeting 639 – June 4, 2008

Another big meeting

Here are some highlights

    22 people attended, again including Mark’s two sons, Tyler and Callan. As well, Jeremy, a Toastmaster from a few years ago, attended with his workmate, Setare.

    Jeremy gave us the Inspiration.

    Margaret gave her first speech to the Club – the Tonic.

    Mark delivered a Workshop on Vocal Variety. It was mostly for our Speechcrafters, but it was a benefit to everybody.

    Ben’s Table Topics picked up the style from Judith’s version of a fortnight before and took us on a challenging date with David’s imaginary niece Nicole.

    Tammy deliver her Speechcraft Icebreaker speech on her road to “Motherhood”.

    Cathy gave her 4th Speechcraft speech on “The ugly parent syndrome”.

    Glenis gave an inspirational CC Speech 10 – “Know your own country” and completed the requirements for our Club’s Outstanding Member award. You can see the complete report for all our members on our Club Awards page

    We had another spectacular supper.
    It must be the Speechcraft Course which is the underlying cause for Alan’s wonderful choice of food.

    Gail was Toastmaster, efficiently unobtrusive in the role, a model for all of us. Gail resumes as Vice President Education from next week, following the time she spent dealing with her mother’s death in Queensland.

We will be holding our elections for the July to December term on June 11. All members are eligible to stand for the 7 Officer roles. You can see a web page on which explains the importance of our officers generally and details the responsibilities for each role. Go to Club Officers.

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