Meeting 638 – May 28, 2008

It was a big meeting

Here are some highlights

    23 people attended, including Mark’s two sons, Tyler and Callan

    John joined and gave the Tonic

    Ben gave a passionate Inspiration about a horrible sight on the way to the meeting and how it is inspiring him with his medical studies

    Sharmila and Cathy gave their Speechcraft Icebreaker speeches

    Craig gave us his CC Speech 4 – the secrets of success, including the big one, underpinning them all

    Judith told us a touching story about her friend Michael

    Tony threatened us with singing if we didn’t answer his Highlight questions correctly. When we answered them all correctly he started to sing Starry starry night anyway

Congratulations to Pascale
Pascale was there to receive congratulations for being the only WA representative to be placed in the District 73 contests held in Lilydale, Victoria on the weekend of May 16-18.

The supper was spectacular.
Alan bought it and served it up. There was a great variety and plenty of each but there were only a few little bits left at the end.

We will be holding our elections for the July to December term on June 11. All members are eligible to stand for the 7 Officer roles. You can see a web page on which explains the importance of our officers generally and details the responsibilities for each role. Go to Club Officers.

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