Meeting 783 – 11 May 11, They Just Keep Coming

What can I say, the great Club Meetings just keep coming and coming.  Alan Smith was our Toastmaster and kept the evening ticking over in his usual inimitable style.  David Nicholas provided us with a workshop on the structure of a speech and how to come up with subjects.  David’s workshops are always helpful and insightful.

Barry Windsor one of our new members gave us an inspiration on honesty and community involvement.  I am looking forward your Icebreaker speech next week.  Gwenda Williams delivered a Tonic on her first  G & T at the age of 12 with her Gran on a very special occasion I believe.

Heljo Cameron was the Table Topics Master with her topic based around exercise.  There were so many speakers tonight that poor Janet McNie had a very hard time as a first time table topics evaluator.  Well done Janet you got on with the business and trooped through it, well done.

Then we had the business end of the meeting, the prepared speeches.  Andrew Bond spoke on Social anxiety and how he got over being extremely shy as a young person and how he used  our Toastmasters Club to help him overcome some of his fear of standing up and speaking in front of people.  Positive proof that Toastmasters is good for your health.

Richard Anthony gave us a very funny speech titled Ironman, no not the super hero, not the contest and not the comic book but a story about the man who invented the Iron.  He explained that the iron was invented (tongue in cheek) to keep women occupied.  He then mentioned his inability as a bachelor to handle an Iron and gave us the lowdown on the sport of Extreme Ironing.  Excellent speech and very funny.

I then gave a speech from the Special Occasions Speech Manual – The Roast , where you poke fun at someone you know.    I roasted Neville Simmons with a speech titled Touched by a Neville.  It was good fun, well received by all  particularly Neville who was a very good sport about it.  I am looking forward to when he reciprocates.

Our meetings are good, and if you are reading this and thinking of coming to the club and checking it out, do it now, you won’t be disappointed.

Good Speeches, good people, great club.


Pete Law

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