Meeting 762 – 24 Nov 2010

The Vic Quay Blog. What happened on Wed 24th Nov 2010?  The usual, good speeches by all. Not our usual large group but 15 attendees is a good turn out for many clubs.

Alex Anastasakis was our first time Toastmaster. No problems there Alex, very comfortable in running the show and having it all tick along quite nicely. Alan gave you two thumbs up. Well done.  David Nicholas kicked off with the inspiration and basically explained how important each role in TM was – yes we know David.

Paul Reilly provided us with his table topics based on words that he liked. He gave a word and you gave the story. David Nicholas (Chestnut) he learnt to ride on a Chestnut horse. Lee Syminton (Garlic) Eats a clove when she feels a bug coming on (or a vampire) . Mark Richards (Champagne) Lesson learnt at a young age on home made champers. Alan Smith (Boat) Swapped a red sports car for a catamaran. Janet McNie (Lawnmower) Just like vacuuming the lawn. Denis Sullivan (Pizza) Hot Cheese burns in the mouth. Janet Mcnie then gave us the tonic on special Gins (alcohol that is), my recommendation Janet is we should all have been given a tipple to oil our vocal chords.

Project Speeches: Me first, spoke about daughter’s achievements in India, Bangladesh and Sudan (yeah I’m very proud blah blah blah). Mark Richards and David Nicholas then gave us a double act, The TV Interview with a discussion on the new District 17. David was a hard interviewer but Mark ploughed on never-the-less. Denis Sullivan finished off with his speech on the Pearl Harbour Memorial in Hawaii and the USS Arizona which is at he bottom of the harbour. We are now all keen to see it.

Another good night, slightly down on numbers which meant more cake and bikkies for the good guys.



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