Meeting 759 3 November 2010

Heljo Cameron was our experienced Toastmaster for the evening and got the meeting crackling along from the very start and we didn’t look back.   Janet McNie gave us her inspiration and we have now been informed that Hedgehogs not only run but they can swim.

Jo Kramme took on the role of  Table Topic Master, and  had everybody hanging on their seats waiting for a crack at an impromptu speech. The Theme was You have Just won $20M. Gary had to pick a car, he chose the biggest bomb around but with a powerful motor to blow the young bucks off at the lights. David had to explain to a judge what happened after he won the money, he travelled eveywhere but like a Seinfeld episode it was much ado about nothing. Monique had to chose where to go and she is off to Latvia of all places. Mark R had to give his to charity and it went to the men of the trees. Mark W had to chose his five fantasy dinner guests, Barak Obama and our own David Nicholas made the cut.

Then our main speeches started with Barri Quigley giving us an icebraker speech on how he went from working at a plumbing suppliers to college to study Computer Science and in his own words become a nerd. Good first speech Barri. Andrew Bond gave us the four steps to Eat What You Like and stay thin. There were a couple of us eataholics hanging on every word.    Paul Reily told us about past lives and Deja Vu – have we all been here before? Greg Madden gave us all a mathematical formula that will make us all rich if we apply it (no secrets let out here, so you had to be there). After this lot I think I’ll become a rich nerd millionaire who can discuss his past lives.

My highlights for this meeting were Barri’s icebreaker and Janet’s inspiration. Well done all and if you are reading this and haven’t been to a Toastmasters meeting – You Are Missing Out. Cheers!

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