Meeting 753 22 Sep 10

This was a usual Vic Quay meeting night, Good.  Our first Time Vic Quay Toastmaster for the night, Greg Madden,  set us all on a roll and held it all together for the rest of the night.  Well done Greg.   Meeting 753 then  followed a music theme starting with Table Topics from Lee Syminton based on musical memories.

Genevieve Morrissey spoke about childhood music memories of Roy Orbinson and the Hollies but somehow, because she lived in the country, completely missed the early  Beatles era, too racy apparently.  Ty Brydon was asked if he had met any famous musicians; no was his answer, but his mate plays the guitar and sings at a pub sometimes. Paul Cunningham thought that he was into cool music at High School with AC/DC but he was deflated by his  Dad when he mentioned he listened to AC/DC when he was in High School too (are the band really that old now)? Mal, a guest from Brisbane for the night talked about going to some oddly named alternate band concert with a workmate he didn’t like. Turns out Mark and Robyn Richards’ couples song  is Elton John’s ‘I guess that’s why they call it the blues’. We also found out  Joe Fry was a one off karaoke legend because he  secretly practised with his childrens’ sing -a-long game when no one was around – bit sad.

Then we hit the project speeches. Andrew Bond provided us with a history of popular music and how it changed the world, starting with Chuck Berry singing and playing the ‘Devils Music’. Colin Hughes then gave us a history lesson on one of his favourite bands U2. Seems he paid for the most expensive U2 concert tickets he could get because it is worth it. Mark Williamson broke the music theme for the night by telling the ancient Hindu story of Rama and Sita and how Hanuman the monkey helped get them back together a few thousand years ago.

Paul Reilly, one of our newest members, gave us a tonic on why architects should be working harder to stop world climate change and I provided an inspiration on when my son saved a house from burning to the ground.  Thanks to all the others that assisted with the roles that make a meeting flow.

The club continues to grow and I believe we may have just won a Smedley Award as one of the fastest growing clubs in WA.  I really look forward meeting visitors and seeing new members every meeting.  All is good at Vic Quay and we continue to go from strength to strength.

Good communication skills are the key to being successfull in what ever you do in life.


Pete Law

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    Your meeting reports are excellent.


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