Meeting 748 18 Aug 2010

Tonight was the first of our contests for the year with the Table Topics competition. We had four contestants, Joe Fry, Andrew Bond, Shane Manns and myself. The question was ” Do You Like Suprises and Why?” We all had a fair shot at the topic and the competition was close. I was lucky enough to pull off a win on the night. The thing about Table Topics is that sometimes you can crack a subject that suits you and sometimes not. You can head down the wrong track and get stuck during your speech and sometimes it just flows. Well done to everyone that stepped up to the challenge.

Tonight we also had a couple of first timers. Jo Kramme stood out the front and gave us an excellent mouthwatering topic on food and wine which ended with the statment¬† “Eat drink and be merry for tommorrow you may die(t)”. Well done Jo you are already on your way to being a confident speaker.

Timothy Neo gave his Ice Breaker speech. He spoke on his life and what his family meant to him. He broke his family life down into Committment, Love and Pain and how they all wove together to give him a fulfilling life. Well done Timothy, we look forward to many more speeches.

Tim Mcnamara then gave us a speech on his obsession with time and watches. Seems ever since he scored a fob watch as part of his Grandfather’s estate at the age of 11, he has been obsessed with time ever since. Apparently his wife believes he is obsessed to the point of freakness.

Other members took up the roles to ensure a good meeting was had by all. Well done Neville for timing again. Next week is the Humorous Speech Competiton. We have six starters so it should be good.

Keep on Talking (with Purpose).


Pete Law

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