Meeting 745 28 Jul 2010

Tonight went exceedingly well and included five  visitors. Shane Manns was our first time Toastmaster for the evening conducting the night with great confidence, excellent job Shane.

May Pye set off the evening with her inspiration on why she left her job and took up her dream of studying psychology. Glenis Nicholas provided a workshop on Moments of Truth, this is where the club members look at how they think their club is tracking. I look forward to the stats.

Table Topics Master for the evening, Neville Simmons, got us all thinking with some challenging topics. Sai, one our guests for the evening defended the Comb Over Hair Style and somehow ended up frying an egg on his head. Tony told us why Sun Tsu was the greatest leader of all time (at least in his computer game world anyway).  Allan gave his policy for the Raving Mad Loony Party and Mark told us why the Vuvuzela should be used in every government department each day to arouse all public servants. Richard discussed how to integrate Aliens (from Mars) into our society whulst Arjun, another guest, talked about introducing a new Day Dreaming Public Holiday on 1st of Mar each year.

Timothy Neo gave us some thinking time by providing us with his tonic, apparently he backed his car into his wife’s best friend’s car.  Not Happy Timothy.

Project speeches were next with the first speech being provided by me titled Don’t Stress, hopefully I got my message across even with my attempt at humour. Next was Ty Brydon with his speech titled Solution Man. This was where Ty gave an insight on how to refresh ouselves by taking time off and going on holiday. I’m hearing you Ty.  David Nicholas then gave a speech on Oscar Peterson the famous jazz pianist and obviously David’s musical hero.

One of the key elements of the night are the evaluations we all recieve. This is a key part of our meetings and enables us all to improve and grow as Toastmasters. Thanks to all those that evaluated and provided the other support roles for the evening.

Victoria Quay Toastmasters Club is a supportive and learning organisation and we look forward to hosting any visitors who are interested in attending to see what we do. Remember Toastmasters is an organisation the focuses on self improvement for the  individual.


Pete Law

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