Meeting 744 21 July 2010

Always a good night at the Victoria Quay Toastmasters Club because you never know what you are going to hear in the speech grab bag. Every night is a good night. The club continues to roll on with almost a new member signing up every week.

Our Toastmaster for the evening was Doug Shannon, a first timer as TM but a polished performance everyone was impressed with.

Judith Ingle provide the inspiration on positive ageing.  Aim to parachute at 100 years of age and you probably will.

Mark Williamson was our Table Topics master putting out some very challenging topics that had a few people hoping they weren’t chosen. David, a winner of many awards spoke on the Award that was hard to Swallow. Judith spoke about the Chef with more than one bun in the oven. Karina wanted us to show her the money. I spoke on running for PM with only good looking people allowed to vote and Tim talked about Melbourne Storm in a tea cup. Some good attempts with out there subjects.

May Pye  provided us a humorous tonic on how she became top dog at school.

Then we had our project speeches. Glenis Nicholas kicked off with an Ice Breaker on her great morning and evening walks with the dogs (and David). Lee Syminton provided us with a speech on Heaven and Hell noting that we all have choices on how our life turns out. Karina Acosta spoke about The Right Exercise Choice and the course she is doing as a Pilates instructor. I am ready to join Karina. Andrew Bond’s talk was titled Das Boot which referred to a small boating disaster he recently suffered with his mates whilst on holiday in the Eastern States.

Neville Simmons provided Highlights at short notice, Shane Manns stepped up to his first evaluation, always scary for the first time but a job well done. Joe Fry also conducted his evaluation of the evaluators, another tough gig but again a job well done.

All in all another good night finished off with our traditional supper. See you all next week.

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