Meeting 743 14 Jul 2010

Another good night at the club. Going to a Toastmasters meeting that runs well gives you a boost and refreshes your ‘chi’. Most people I know can show up tired from work and walk away recharged. This is one of the great outcomes we get from attending.

Karina Acosta was our Toastmaster. It was her first time and what a fantastic job she did keeping the meeting going, well done Karina.

Doug Shannon got us going with an inspiration on organising and removing clutter from our lives to enable us to focus on the important things; two minutes worth listening too.

I gave a workshop on the Distinguished Club Program and it looks like Victoria Quay is well on its way to being a President’s Distinguished club based on the response from the members.

Our Table Topics master David Nicholas centered all his questions around food. Ty talked about Redhot Chillies and curries to give him a boost. Genivieve spoke of her fastfood regrets everytime she eats it. Sam spoke of her Tuna experience from some years ago that she has never been able to replicate. May spoke of healthy food with all the bad stuff removed leaving no taste. Denis spoke of lambs fry and bacon, yuck. Judith discussed self cooking and Greg’s favourite fruit was grapes because it made wine. All excellent responses, good clear voices, good use of humour and well done to our first timers Sam, Denis and Greg.

Tonic was from Ty who told us how glad he was to be back at the club after being away for a few months (welcome back Ty).

Project speeches were excellent with Shane Manns leading off with his CC1 Icebreaker Speech titled ‘The Road Less Travelled’ Shane went from Birth to present breaking many bones and injuring himself on the way. I now know that Shane loves to read books on self improvment. You have come to the right place to continue the journey Shane and I look forward to many more speeches.

Colin Hughes, one of our very competent speakers and long time member, gave a very funny speech titled ‘Working Career’ on his interesting job choices over the years. He is now looking for a new one if any one out there is interested.

Tim Mcnamara’s humourous speech titled ‘Under the Coathanger’ turned out to be a speech on how 80 swimming records were broken in the North Sydney pool, between 1956 and 1970. If you can believe this, it may have been a well respected chinese pool attendant named Wen Chen who lost his arm in a pool cleaing accident in 1955 (I did say IF you can believe it). Good one Tim.

All our other members were there conducting the other roles of evaluators, highlights, timing and of course the very important after meeting supper.

Well done to all, another great night.

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