Meeting 742 7 Jul 2010

Another great Night at Victoria Quay Toastmasters. Mark Williamson was the Toastmaster for the night who kept the meeting ticking over with his usual engaging style. Mark Richards provided us with an inspiration on what our club and its members can achieve.

Welcome to Timothy Neo who not only told us how good the food is in Singapore, particularly Chicken Rice, a favourite of mine, but he signed on as a member that night. Well done Timothy and welcome aboard, I look forward to hearing from you a lot more during your time at Vic Quay.

Table Topics was from me, Peter, giving speakers a minute and a half to talk about childhood dreams. Not their dreams of course but the ones I cooked up for them. All did a sterling job. Joe as the Lone Ranger, Colin as a Deep Sea Fisherman, May a Champion Bagpiper, Alan as a Rock Guitarist and poor old Tim as a Fairy Princess. Well done to all.

Heljo Cameron then got cheeky and palyful with her advanced speech on the yellow crested, red chested, yellow speckled, long legged, short wing blip bird. She had us all chuckling with the hybrids, hand drawn pictures and questions.

Then it was Gail Jenkins turn with her advanced speech on Health Lifestyle and Work at a manufacturing firm. We all wanted to join the firm as Gail was offering up some fairly juicy and much sort after perks.

David Nicholas provided us with a speech on the Competent Leaders Manual. An important but often misunderstood manual by first time users. David was able to articulate the importance of the manual for achieving and teaching us leadership goals.

Our Area Governor Tim McNamara, also a member of Victoria Quay, conducted a small Club Officer Installation Ceremony to thank past Committee members and introduce the incoming Team. Well done to Tim also for taking on the duties of the W21 Area Governor.

Shane Manns, one of our newest members stepped up to the plate and did a very credible first time job with timing. Not scared to use the buzzer either, well done Shane I am looking forward to your speeches.

All in all another good night at the Club. Thank you to our outgoing Committee Members, Heljo Cameron, Alan Smith, Glenis Nicholas. Thank you to Mark Williamson, Neville Simmons and David Nicholas for backing up and putting their hand up to stay on the Committee

Vic Quay meetings are great and it keeps me coming back.

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