Meeting 693

New Member


Richard Strickland joined the Club. Richard attended the Speechcraft Course we ran in February/March this year. Since then he has been very busy in his work, but now has the time to take part. Of course he had a Table Topic from Neepa and was challenged – who is the happiest person you know? It was a challenge, but he survived it.


Club Success Plan

Heljo Cameron

President Heljo presented a Workshop about our plan to meet the 10 Goals in the Distinguished Club Plan. She took the names of members who are aiming at speaking and leadership awards during the year. We already have one Competent Communicator Award lodged by Amanda Siebert. There will be many more coming.

David gave a Tonic about our performance in the DCP (Distinguished Club Plan). He has recently viewed a web page report from Toastmasters Region 5. It showed that in District 73 we are the only club to have always been Presidents Distinguished Club with all 10 goals in every year.


This is a copy of the Notices from p.2 of the Agenda.

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