Meeting 615 on Nov 21

Tony opened the meeting sharp on time at 6pm.

Alan was Toastmaster.

Olivier‘s Inspiration dealt with his battle with dyslexia. As a 4 year old he still couldn’t speak and took a year of hard work from his mother to master it. Reading was even more of a challenge, which he answered with the help of a psychologist. He has had to battle and that’s why he has joined us.

Mark gave us Table Topics – just one word, carefully chosen for each of the six participants.

Gail‘s tonic dealt with doing unto others what we would like them to do to us.

Heljo evaluated Table Topics. She handled all six speakers with confident skill. She is working to eliminate “otherwise” from her transition from the recommendations to the final commendations.

Claire presented her CC 5 speech – Mind and Body. She gave us a typical self deprecating account of what she learned from a Uni course on this subject. A typical comment was “They kicked me out of ballet because I couldn’t even do a roly poly.” Despite her derisive rejection of the course method based on a cube, and her confident expectation of failure, she came through with flying colours.

Colin evaluated Claire. He showed an excellent grasp of the CRC method, with lots of positive, affirmative commendations and a clear recommendation. His evaluator recommended he continue to improve his articulation by slowing down even more and using his lips, tongue and teeth even more energetically.

Gary presented his CC 8 speech – The root of all evil. Yes, it was money. Gary gave us a brief history of the origin of money with money changers and the way this has lead to the current exploitation of ordinary people by the banks.

Glenis evaluated Gary. She spoke clearly and energetically as she went through the CRC structure. Her evaluator recommended she include a final summary.

Pascale presented his Advanced Speech – State of Flux. He dealt with the three states of his ego, and ours. There is the ego – the actual self, the superego – the ideal self and the id – the darker self. He sat on a chair and took us driving with the three ego states.

Mark evaluated Pascale with his customary energy and careful, detailed analysis. His evaluator recommended he also include a final summary.

Colin mounted his soap box and lamented the lack of parking for major events in Perth.

Tony gave us the Highlights. He went through the meeting and quizzed us on our memory of what had occurred. He gave commendations for accurate answers and mockeries for the other kind.

David evaluated the evaluators. His comments are included above.

Gail came out the front to present the timing report. We finished early tonight, despite several people going overtime, with only 3 speeches instead of the usual 4.

Sharon evaluated the meeting. She was particularly impressed with Alan’s Toastmaster role and Olivier’s first Inspiration.

Gail closed the meeting, in the absence of President Lynn. She particularly drew out attention to the Western Division final for the Humorous and Table Topics which we are hosting on Saturday afternoon, December 1st. Western Division Governor Mark appealed for help with contest officials and got a very good response.

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