Mark Richards DTM

A third DTM for Victoria Quay

Mark Richards
Mark Richards

Yes, in this year 3 members have achieved their Distinguished Toastmaster Award. Mark Richards has joined this illustrious group.

Mark joined Victoria Quay in 2001. Over the years he has been an outstanding member for Victoria Quay. This year he has achieved two great awards

Outstanding Member

Distinguished Toastmaster

You can read Mark’s story about his DTM at Award Stories in

He joins two other Victoria Quay members who received DTMs this year.

Glenis Nicholas got her 2nd in July, 2007
David Nicholas got his fifth in March, 2008

Mark is already working on his 2nd DTM. Probably this one will come in quicker time than the first.

Multiple DTMs in District 73

Only one other Toastmaster in District 73 has achieved more than DTM. That is Anna Footer in South Australia. She has 2 DTMs and is working on her third.

The Double DTM Award

Last year Victoria Quay sponsored the Double DTM Award. You can read about it at Double DTM.

Essentially we are encouraging experienced Toastmasters who already have one DTM award to continue to pursue their own development and be an enhanced resource for their Clubs and the District.

Alan Smith DTM expects to complete his second DTM in July.

Victoria Quay has had many Distinguished Toastmasters over the years. You can read about them in About Victoria Quay.

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