Meeting 616 On Nov 28

Tony opened the meeting sharp on time at 6pm.

Lynn was Toastmaster.

David‘s Inspiration handled the delicate matter of politics following the change of government last Saturday night. But this was tied to the birth of their first child, George, for former members Anne-Sophie Deleflie and David Rafftery. Anne-Sophie and David left us when they shifted to Canberra, but they have kept in touch.

Heljo gave us Table Topics. It was based on political themes. The 7 responders were all Federal Ministers charged with particular policy objectives.

Glenis‘s tonic dealt with her childhood experiences going down the Donnelly River. Now she has an opportunity to retrace that with a river cruise.

Colin gave the first part of his Meeting Evaluation. Because he can’t use notes, he has to rely on memory alone, so he dealt with the roles of Sergeant at Arms, Inspiration, Table Topics Master and Toni.

David evaluated Table Topics. He commented on the energetic presentations from all speakers, which he saw as very appropriate to the political asks given the speakers.

Oliver delivered his Icebreaker Speech – My French Life. He told us that French people feel great freedom to express their real feelings about others, even when they are negative. But equally they are very accepting of other people expressing negative feelings about them. His evaluator Glenis expressed very positive feelings about his speech, although she suggested he needed to slow down and given particular space around the significant words and terms he used.

Mark presented his Advanced Speech from the Speaking to Inform Manual – Evaluation. Mark distributed the Pro Forma on Evaluation prepared by David, and as well had an outline on the White Board of significant elements to comment on in an Evaluation. He particularly recommended that our Evaluators make it their regular practice to include a summary to conclude.

Tony evaluated Mark. He commented on Mark’s Objectives,on his motiivational approach and the excellent way he demonstrated the points he was making.

Alan presented his CC4 Speech – Greatest Inventions. After detailing some great Australian inventions – the Aspro, the flight Black Box (which is orange), the Rotary Clothes Hoist and the Victa mower, Alan moved to some whacky US inventions to help people wake up in the morning and not turn off the alarm. He ended with his personal choice for the greatest invention – the power board.

Sharon evaluated Alan. She commended him for his short simple sentences and his swashbuckling rhetorical style, though she suggested that perhaps he could restrain his gestures at times.

Gail spoke from the Speaking to Inform manual. For her Abstract Concept she chose Taking the Moral Pulse. She detailed changes over the past 10-12 years in aboriginal health, School Leavers Week behaviour, drugs in sport, language and home invasions. She gave us a challenge. It’s up to us to our own moral pulse.

Mark evaluated Gail. He commended her for eliminating the ums and ers which previously occurred in her speaking. He suggested she could use notes, but still use both her hands for emphasising important points.

Alan quizzed us on the Highlights he found in the meeting. His personal choice for Phrase of the Night was Gail’s “The police are there to help the kids go as crazy as they like.”

Heljo evaluated the evaluators. She described David as a model for energy, Glenis as very expressive, Tony as energetic, Sharon having clear diction and a varied vocabulary, and Mark as powerful with excellent eye contact and a strong stance.

Judith’s Timing Report was efficient and brief, and took the mandatory exact two minutes.

Colin completed his meeting evaluation by dealing with Toastmasters Lynn, Highlights Alan and Timer Judith.

President Lynn closed the meeting. She presented our new member Olivier with his Member Badge. She reminded us again of the Western Division final for the Humorous and Table Topics which we are hosting on Saturday afternoon, December 1st.

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    Hello Friends,

    Great run down of your meeting. I certinally enjoyed your hospitality in May at the Convention, particularly the Table Topics competiton! Did you know that there is a copy of my response on Youtube? You can see it here


    Darren Fleming

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