Life Member – Wow!

Thank you, Victoria Quay.

Last Wednesday, April 22, 2009 a wonderful honour was paid me.  Yes, I was made a life member of the Club I founded with Lesley Amm back in 1995.

It was our 14th Anniversary celebration.
Our first meeting was held on the wharf at Victoria Quay in April, 1995. We have met continuously since then, every Wednesday night, except for a few week off over the Christmast/New Year break. The 14th Anniversary meeting was Meeting 682. What a wonderful record.

Four of us are still in the club

Glenis Nicholas and Alan Smith have maintained continuous membership since that first meeting. Judith Ingle had a break of a few years, but she has been back with us for quite a while now.

I have enjoyed my 14 years membership very much. The Toastmaster International database shows that in that time Victoria Quay has been the outstanding club in Australia. Through our consistent early Presidents Distinguished Club status with all 10 goals we must be near or at the top of the world rankings as well. It is an honour to be one of the leaders in such a wonderful club.

Thank you to President Gail, the Officers and all the members of Club 5769, Victoria Quay Toastmasters.

David Nicholas

David Nicholas DTM

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