Useful Information for Toastmasters

Minor Speaking Roles: Suggestions for how to handle the minor roles that occur during our meetings.

Toastmaster Duties: Suggestions for when you are Toastmaster – before and during the meeting.

Using Personal Experience for your speeches – some suggestions for short speeches
and longer speeches, and for very new speakers and for quite experienced speakers.

CTM Manual: An outline of the 10 project speeches in the Communication and Leadership Manual, with the Objectives and times of all speeches

Advanced Manuals Summary: An outline of the current Advanced Manuals, giving the title and time for
each speech project

Advanced Manuals Detail: Full details of all current Advanced Manuals, giving the title, time and objectives
for each speech project.

Evaluation Guide: An outline of the standard Australian CRC model for Evaluation, plus some suggestions
for the Evaluation Competition.

Officer Roles

If you have suggestions to improve or extend our information to Toastmaster members, please email our contact member, David, or phone him in Perth, Western Australia on +61 8 9457 6468